Kevin McElvaney: ‘Public media is public service’

A career change taught this social media manager that “art can help us make sense of the world and even lead better lives.”

Rob Sachs: We are connectors

Over his 18 years in public radio, Rob Sachs has aimed to keep listeners both informed and engaged.

Who’s public media?

We snapped photos at public media events throughout 2017 to answer that question.

Larry Bennett: My job is to support ‘rebalancing of the social process’

“One of the functions of culture is to help us assign meaning and thereby establish values. If we wish to rebalance our social process, we must act within the cultural arena.”

Michael Marcotte: ‘Subversive authenticity! That’s my public media’

As the son of a commercial broadcaster, Michael Marcotte gained insight into the trappings and excesses of the ad-driven industry. Public broadcasting’s authenticity was refreshingly subversive, he writes.

Sean Powers: Public radio gets me out of my comfort zone

“I love the fact that as a journalist, I can get outside of my comfort zone and meet people who don’t look like me or sound like me.”