It costs nearly $1 million to maintain our news service to public media. Are you ready to do your part to “Keep Current?”

Current has partnered with a company called Wallit to process payment and facilitate your access to our news site. We know nobody likes a paywall but we know you also recognize that we cannot provide our content for free.

Many of Current’s subscribers are public radio and TV stations which subscribe for their employees. Some of them purchase a Universal Subscription to Current to enable blanket access for all of their staffers.  Check out the full list of these universal subscribers to see if your company is on board. If so, try logging in to Wallit using your company email address.

Other organizations purchase subscriptions for a handful of staff. You can certainly ask to be included in that group or talk to your manager about subscribing for the station.

If you are a station manager, learn more about buying a group subscription for your company.

And, remember, you can always buy a personal subscription for yourself! To do so, click on the link to Wallit below:

Individual Subscriptions: $89/year* or $10/month

Purchase One Month Digital Access
Purchase/Renew One Year Digital
Purchase/Renew One Year Digital + Print

Print Only: contact Laura Rogers or call (301) 270-7240, ext. 38.

*Reduced Rate: Current offers one year of Digital Access for $49 for active members of NFCB, INN, AIR, The Alliance for Media, Arts & Culture (NAMAC), students and retirees on a fixed income who are not actively employed. If you would like to receive a print copy of Current, we require that you select the full price rate. Postage is expensive! Members of NFCB, INN, AIR or the Alliance should contact that organization for the unique access code for the discounted subscription.

Institutional subscriptions

Current offers a 25% discount to public radio and TV stations and advertisers that purchase digital access for FIVE or more individuals ($66.75 per person).  Stations opting for a group subscription can receive the same number (or fewer) paper copies of Current. Just let us know how many you want!

Click to pay for your group subscription today.

Universal Subscriptions

Current offers a Universal Access plan – a deeply discounted subscription – that enables stations to provide Current to all of their employees at the lowest possible price per person. The cost to stations is based on the number of employees on your payroll (not the number of individuals who say they want access – that would be a group sub.) Universal subscriber stations may receive up to 50 copies of Current in print.

Board members are not automatically included in the Universal Subscription. Stations may purchase print + digital subscriptions for their board members at the full individual rate ($89 each). Or extend digital-only access for their entire board of directors for $500 per year. Current is no longer mailing print copies to individual board members at a reduced rate.

Stations may pay for their group, universal or board subscriptions by credit card or through the mail. Please note that digital access may not be granted until payment is received.

Have questions about the digital subscriptions? Read our FAQ here.

To learn more about the digital subscription program, or for help calculating the cost of your institutional subscription, contact:

Laura Rogers
Business Manager
301-270-7240, ext. 38
Fax: 301-270-7241