Subscription Q & A

Why do I have to pay for this?

Your subscription to Current helps sustain this service to you and the rest of the public media world. We do this for you and we simply cannot do it without you!

Who subscribes to Current?

NPR, PBS, CPB, public radio and TV stations, people who work in public broadcasting and related fields, independent producers, businesses that offer services to stations, board members, retired pubmedia professionals, and some University libraries.

What is Wallit?

Wallit is the company that facilitates your access to Current and processes payment for Individual subscriptions.


One Month Digital Access – $12
One Year Digital – $120*
One Year Digital + Print – $120


Does Current offer discounts? 

YES! Organizations that opt for the Universal subscription (company-wide access) pay much, much less per person than cost of a single subscription. Depending on the size of the workforce, that steep discount can range between 65% – 90% off the individual subscription rate.

Why should my station get a Universal subscription?

  • Universal subscription is the most inclusive option since it provides employees across the company – regardless of rank or role – access to relevant and useful information that helps them succeed in their jobs. Current is both an employee benefit and a source of professional development. The all-access pass makes your staff aware of trends that affect their work, and impressive initiatives at other stations.
  • Universal subscription entitles your station to a 15% discount on job postings on
  • Universal subscribers receive an exclusive coupon code to post internship opportunities on for $50. 
  • Universal subscribers get priority access to the limited-capacity Public Media Career Fair.
  • Universal subscription includes exclusive access to our Job Description Bank.

If you would like to discuss the costs of a Universal subscription, please contact Laura Rogers,