Your paid subscription to Current helps sustain this service to the
public media world. Wallit is the company that facilitates your access to our news site and processes payment for Individual subscriptions.

Who should get an individual subscription?

Public media staffers who are not included in their station subscription, independent producers, consultants, students and people interested in the field of public media. Click to purchase the Individual subscription of your choice:

One Month Digital Access – $12
One Year Digital – $120*
One Year Digital + Print – $120

Who should get an institutional subscription?

Organizations in public media: stations, national producers and membership groups, law firms and foundations.

What kinds of institutional subscriptions are available?

A) The Universal subscription gives all employees unlimited digital access to and as many print copies of the newspaper as you want sent to a single address. Plus, Universal subscribing institutions are entitled to 15% discount on employment ads on and an exclusive coupon code to post internships for $50 each. Universal subscribing stations may also provide digital access to Current to their boards of directors at no additional charge.  Check out this list of Universal subscribers to see if your company is on board.


B) The Group subscription includes five or more employees, at a 25% discount on the Individual ($120 per person) rate.

If your station doesn’t subscribe or hasn’t included you in the company subscription, let your boss know how important Current is to your work and convince them to get a Group subscription or add you to their Group or pay for your Individual subscription.

Stations may pay for Group or Universal subscriptions by credit card or through the mail.

Click to pay for your company’s group subscription.

If you need help calculating the cost of your institutional subscription or setting up the Wallit account for your Universal or Group access, contact:

Laura Rogers
Business Manager

*Reduced Rate: Current offers one year of Individual digital-only access for $60 for students, active members of NFCB, INN, and AIR, and retirees on a fixed income who are no longer actively working or taking on paid consulting contracts in public broadcasting. Reduced rate subscribers cannot receive our print editions which are available only for the full print + digital subscription rate. Members of NFCB, INN and AIR should contact your organization for the unique access code for the discounted subscription.