Your paid subscription to Current helps sustain this service to the public media world. Current has partnered with a company called Wallit to facilitate your access to our news site and process payment for individual subscriptions.

Who should get an individual subscription?

Independent producers, consultants, and other interested in the field of public media.

Who should get an institutional subscription?

Organizations in public media: stations, dual licensees, statewide networks, national producers and membership groups, law firms and foundations.

What’s “the fairest” of them all?

The most economical (and democratic) institutional subscription level is the Universal subscription, which gives all staffers unlimited digital access to and as many print copies of the newspaper as you want sent to a single address. The Universal subscription makes pubmedia employees happy! Plus, Universal subscribing institutions get an exclusive 15% discount on employment ads posted at

If you work at a pubmedia organization, check out the full list of Universal subscribers to see if your company is on board. If they’re not, you can still ask your station to subscribe for you or to include you in its Group subscription. Group subs are for five or more staffers (typically just the leadership team.) Let your boss know how important Current is to your work; hopefully, they’ll add you to the Group. 

Remember, you can always buy a personal subscription for yourself! To do so, click on one of the links below:

Purchase 1 Month Digital Access – $10
Purchase/Renew 1 Year Digital – $99*
Purchase/Renew 1 Year Digital + Print – $99

Click to pay for your company’s group subscription.

Stations may pay for their group, universal or board subscriptions by credit card or through the mail.

If you need help calculating the cost of your institutional subscription or setting up the account for your Universal or Group access, contact:

Laura Rogers
Business Manager
301-270-7240, ext. 38

*Reduced Rate: Current offers one year of digital-only access for $49 for students, active members of NFCB, INN, and AIR, and retirees on a fixed income who are no longer actively working or taking on paid consulting contracts in public broadcasting. Reduced rate subscribers cannot receive our print editions which are available only for the full print + digital subscription rate. Members of NFCB, INN and AIR should contact your organization for the unique access code for the discounted subscription.