Advertising in Current: a win-win for public media and for you. 

As public media begins another fifty years of service to viewers, Current will continue to inform, connect and inspire the pub media community. Your advertising in Current will reach key decision makers in this community while enabling us to accomplish our mission.

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There’s no better way to reach public media’s decision-makers.

Whether you’re a producer looking to boost your program carriage, a vendor or consultant working with public media organizations, or have a special meeting or conference you want to boost, there is no better place to advertise. Current newspaper and provide direct links to the people making public media happen.

Who reads Current?


From the control room to the board room, professionals in public media tell us they rely on Current to stay on top of breaking news, policy, funding opportunities, best practices, conversation and commentary. Most public radio and television stations help their employees keep current through our Group Subscription Plan.

Count the majority of local public media stations as well as most major related organizations among our readers, including: PBS, NPR, CPB, APTS, APT, PRI, APM, Greater Public and NETA, to name just a few. Add to that list independent producers, funders, board members and policy makers and you have the most comprehensive reach available.

The readers of Current and represent decision-makers in public media:

  • 43% of readers who participated in our survey report being in upper management
  • Our readers are representative of the whole of public media—with 25% reporting being from public television stations, 35% in public radio stations, and 13% at joint licensees. (The rest of the readership is comprised of national organizations, trade associations, funders, policy makers, etc.)

And they rely on us to stay up to date on the latest in public media news:

  • 45% of readers visit at least once per week and nearly 20% are very heavy users visiting the site at least once per day
  • 75% of readers spend time with the print edition in tandem with

Current is also made available with bonus distribution at every major meeting and conference in the field including:

  • NETA
  • APTS
  • PBS TechCon
  • PBS Annual Meeting
  • Greater Public’s PMDMC
  • PRPD
  • Public Radio Super Regional
  • APT Fall Marketplace

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Kathy Bybee Hartzell