Even as podcasting grows, medium can stay true to public broadcasting’s roots

“All of us cultivating the podcasting space can certainly do our part” to keep the Public Broadcasting Act’s goals “active and audible,” writes Radiotopia’s executive producer.

The pubmedia difference: addressing audiences as citizens

“Our very DNA — its code written in the words of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 — confirmed we were different.”

As pubmedia enters ‘populist’ phase, public trust is system’s greatest asset

“The challenge for this period is fusing the strengths and public support of traditional public media with the energy and competencies of new entrants and civic institutions outside of media.”

Gary Knell: Pubmedia’s commitment to local audiences must transcend lip service

As public media heads into its next 50 years, shifting strategies to focus on content “will require a hard turn and painful decisions that affect finances, people and structures.”

Laura Walker: Public media can be ‘a haven from divisive rhetoric’

“Public media is especially crucial now, both to seek objective truth and to envision a sustainable model for the future of local journalism.”