5 thoughts on “Kerger on end of ‘Downton’: “Great television begets great television”

  1. PBS may seriously want to consider running the final season of “Downton Abbey” as a pledge event.

    PBS member stations could make lots of $$$ if they did pledge breaks during the show’s final season.

    • Agree. It’s really time that PBS stations get weaned off of the nostalgic music and disguised infomercial specials and aim pledge towards WHAT PBS VIEWERS ACTUALLY WATCH. If it takes forcing Ken Burns to take out his “no pledge airings” clauses from his contracts, so be it. Pledge drives should celebrate the everyday programming, especially as the era of channel-surfing that gave rise to pledge programming is coming to an end and PBS programming is not just–or should not be just–for over-the-air at a scheduled time viewing, but viewing in every possible venue, including VOD and streaming.

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