Radio Ambulante wants to train ‘next generation’ of Spanish-speaking producers

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Radio Ambulante, an NPR-distributed Spanish-language podcast, is hoping to promote more audio journalism from Latin America with a new set of online resources.

The resources in Spanish are designed for journalists and others who want to learn audio storytelling techniques, including how-to videos and interviews with producers and journalists.

The project, called Escuela Radio Ambulante, also includes paid fellowships for students who will receive training from Radio Ambulante’s team on moving a story ideas to broadcast. It will begin taking applications for the fellowship later this year.

“We’re hoping the next generation of Latin American radio producers will come to our site, use our resources, and be inspired to do great work,” said Radio Ambulante CEO Carolina Guerrero in a press release.

The podcast is teaming up with audio how-to site Transom and audio editing software company Hindenburg Systems on the project. Some of the resources will be translated into English and made available on Transom.

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