WNYC will distribute ‘Snap Judgment’

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WNYC in New York City announced Friday that it will begin distributing Snap Judgment to stations as of July 1.

“This is an arrangement that has been in discussion for many months among our two organizations, Snap Judgment host and executive producer Glynn Washington, and distribution partner [Public Radio Exchange],” according to a memo to station leaders by Anya Grundmann, v.p. of programming and audience development at NPR, and Dean Cappello, executive v.p. and chief content officer at WNYC. “It is the final step in a transition process that began last summer when co-production of the Snap Judgment weekly radio show and podcast shifted from NPR to WNYC Studios.”

WNYC became a co-producer of the weekly radio show last August. Until now, NPR and PRX have both been involved in distributing the show, which airs on 365 public radio stations.

According to the memo, listeners aren’t expected to notice a difference with the transition. “NPR and WNYC value our partnership, and our teams are working closely and diligently to assure a seamless transition for carriage stations,” the memo said.

Snap Judgment will become the fifth show distributed by WNYC. Last October, it began distributing its own productions On the Media, Radiolab, The New Yorker Radio Hour and Freakonomics Radio.

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