CareerExplore Northwest

CareerExplore Northwest is an educational initiative created by KSPS PBS as a workforce development solution for our viewing region. Far beyond a typical job search website, it helps students and adults discover viable career paths by providing behind-the-scenes videos and easily accessible answers to questions about in-demand jobs in the Spokane region and what it takes to get them.

Valley PBS Local Learning

In partnership with Fresno Unified School District, the 3rd largest in the state of California and a district with 90% economically disadvantaged and diverse students living below the poverty line without equal access to online learning, Valley PBS created an on-air program from 8am – 9am each day that targets Literacy Lessons for K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders and is taught by FUSD teachers. Students have been able to learn and review fundamentals over-the-air, streaming on Facebook Live daily and on the website since June and lessons are translated into Spanish and Hmong as well; the program has just been extended until December 18th and expanded to include Pre-K and T-K lessons.

Iowa Land and Sky

Iowa PBS’ Iowa Land and Sky project provides general and classroom audiences with a unique perspective of the state’s geology, biodiversity and environmental issues. Through short video stories, online experiences, classroom resources and social media conversations, this initiative has helped Iowans better appreciate the ecological and geological diversity of the state, and the impacts of climate change, by successfully creating high-quality resources and engaging general and educational audiences in this content.

KIDS Clubhouse Adventures

Launched in 2016, KIDS Clubhouse Adventures (KCA) is a multimedia learning experience that engages Iowa children ages three through nine and inspires them to go outside and play, use their imagination, read good books and eat healthy foods. KCA includes a series of locally-hosted 30-minute TV shows, a platform that allows viewers to tell their own stories, and a “Reading Road Trip,” a community outreach initiative that promotes summer reading and libraries year-round.

The Slice

The Slice is a digital project from WDSE, Duluth, MN, that reflects the unique character, events, and experiences found in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Episodes of The Slice are often captured while gathering b-roll for other local programming. The format allows snippets of video to be shared at appropriate lengths for social media consumption. The most popular clips of the month are sent to members and supporters through the monthly e-newsletter.

Homework Hotline

Homework Hotline is a live science and math program that helps students with homework questions, and showcases the projects that young scientists are working on. Teachers on Homework Hotline excel at explaining difficult math problems in real time to students, including those who may be too shy to ask questions in the classroom. Homework Hotline also trains local college and high school students in television production.

Joe Bee Xiong: War to Peace

Launched in February 2019 as part of Wisconsin Hometown Stories: Eau Claire, “Joe Bee Xiong: War to Peace” explores Hmong-American history with student-focused educational resources created to help fill the Hmong history gap in Wisconsin classrooms. This project includes an animation illustrated in the artistic style of a traditional Hmong story cloth, narrated in both Hmong and English and downloadable, printable and electronic biographies written at three reading levels in English and Hmong.

Eva Kor and students at a screening of "Eva: A-7063" Sept. 17

The Eva Project

“Eva: A-7063” is WFYI’s documentary about local Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor, who at age 10 was a victim of medical experimentation by Nazi “doctor” Josef Mengele. Kor later chose to forgive (not forget) to release her pain and anger, and promote global heaing. WFYI co-hosted over 70 screenings in partnership with the Jewish Community Center, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Heartland Film Festival, Indiana History Center, Indianapolis 500 Festival, Indiana State Fair and many others. WFYI distributed to over 300 schools an Eva Educational Toolkit with 12 lessons plans about empathy, respect and acceptance; and produced the Eva Virtual Reality Traveling Exhibit, which allows students to immmersively experience Eva’s group tours of Auschwitz. Eva Kor died in 2019.

Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity in America

Over 40.6 million Americans are living below the poverty line, including 13.3 million children. Chasing the Dream’s reporting, part of WLIW’s program called “Metro Focus,” the problems of economic and structural inequities informed by issues of race, age and class, and looks at solutions – what has worked and is working — to bring people out of poverty in the greater NYC area.