OETA Art Club


Art Club was developed by OETA staff and partners in response to pandemic challenges in 2020 regarding arts instruction. Initially, OETA developed and launched the art curriculum based on local broadcast program, “Gallery America” with approximately 300 middle and high school students in the statewide market area. The program incorporated guided viewing practices with art instruction using household items (since students were home because of the pandemic) in an online format for families. In 2021, OETA reintroduced Art Club as a site-based program with a local school district targeting 75 middle school students and incorporating community engagement elements such as a mock art gallery open to the public as a means for students to address societal issues of concern to them. The reintroduction also, included an effort to to target a more diversified demographic audience including low-income, female, and minority populations. In 2022, Art Club was expanded to include an afterschool as well as a summer component based a newly developed “artistic thinking” framework targeting elementary and high school students as well. The expansion also included a professional development component for school staff, assisting with integrating guided-viewing practices, utilization of OETA resources, and artistic instruction during the school day. The program is now being replicated in multiple location within the market area.