Friends & Neighbors

Friends & Neighbors celebrates the people of our service area and the things they do to make our community a vibrant place to live.

Southland Sessions

PMGSC’s multiplatform series Southland Sessions reconnected Southern CA’s artists and arts organizations to audiences at home—highlighting and celebrating LA’s vibrant creative ecosystem.


EDUCATE is a free, standards-aligned TV channel designed to provide education reinforcement, enrichment opportunities for Pre-K-12 students, in subjects from STEM and ELA to mental/emotional wellness.

2021 Roundo

Roundo is part road rally, part classic car show, part adventure, part reunion of like-minded friends in a clued tour across the region in classic and new cars to raise funds and awareness for WTVP.

The State of Race

“The State of Race” displays the best of what local media can do during tumultuous times: illuminate important issues, shed light on injustice, foster audience engagement and direct people to action.

Be Inspired

Despite the global pandemic, many leaders and helpers emerged. Maryland Public Television’s Be Inspired series features voices, organizations, and communities who provide light in a time of darkness.

Education Counts Michiana

Education Counts is a weekly program helping educators learn from other schools in the region, share their successes and challenges with the community, and increase support of education.