South Florida PBS film-maker project

This unique project offered the region’s storytellers the platform needed to disseminate their films to a new audience through broadcast distribution of their finished films. The initiative served filmmakers from the Keys to the Treasure Coast with an audience reach of over 6.3 million, deepening the understanding of ourselves and our neighbors.

LGBTQ Virtual Town Halls

The South Florida PBS Virtual LGBTQ Town Halls series consisted of four virtual town halls that were meant to provide an online platform where LGBTQ and straight residents could interact and share experiences in a safe atmosphere.

Reading Frederick Douglass

Reading Frederick Douglass uses new technology to capture a statewide virtual public reading of the famous 1852 speech in which Douglass asked, “What to the slave is your fourth of July?” His words are just as meaningful today as they were nearly 170 years ago.

Million Minute Challenge

The Million Minute Challenge was an initiative to get people of all ages and backgrounds in Lehigh Valley reading. We asked our community to come together to read 1,000,000 minutes in March 2020, Reading Awareness Month, and what resulted was a fun, engaging, exciting, audience-captivating event that surpassed its goals and put reading at the center.

PBS Utah’s Book Club in a Box

PBS Utah’s Book Club in a Box provides book club hosts with a kit of curated material designed to facilitate in-depth conversations for their book clubs. The project builds engaged communities beginning with the individuals who participate in their book groups. The project supports exploration and critical thinking on current and topical film/literary works aimed to inspire involvement and a call to action.

The Great TV Auction

WCTE’s largest fundraiser asks for donations, then auctions off everything on live TV. This helps promote businesses in our community.

LPB’s The Helpers

Inspired by the words of Fred Rogers, LPB’s “The Helpers” is a digital series that aims to help people cope with their negative feelings by showing them that good things are still happening in their communities as their neighbors find ways to overcome their own challenges and fears.

Live @ 5 and Local News Briefings

Through its partnership with local government, WCTE was able to broadcast live emergency updates from inside Putnam County’s Emergency Operations Center just hours after an EF4 tornado struck Cookeville, destroying entire subdivisions and killing more than 20 people. This capability existed because county officials partnered to provide WCTE with studio space, audio and video equipment and a direct internet link between the Emergency Management Agency building and WCTE’s Master Control.

Rabbett Before Horses

By building strong, consistent relationships with tribal leaders and by representing Wisconsin’s First Nations authentically and accurately by using first-voice narration, PBS Wisconsin shares consistent programming that highlights tribal history, culture, and lore.


As Detroit emerged as an early epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis, Detroit Public Television (DPTV) became a key media partner in the COVID313 Coalition, a group of grassroots organizations that united to help Detroiters access critical information about services in the area. By producing a weekly town hall that was streamed on Facebook Live, as well as broadcasting segments on our weekly public affairs show One Detroit, DPTV and the COVID313 coalition filled a void in the emergency response system and connected our audience with life-saving services

Hip-Hop U: The First Wave Scholars

PBS Wisconsin shares the voices and talents of students of color involved in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s First Wave Scholarship program in the documentary “Hip-Hop U: The First Wave Scholars.” By addressing local disparities in accessibility, representation, and education, we help Wisconsin educators be better prepared to implement culturally relevant pedagogy in their classrooms.

The Life Autistic

The Life Autistic is an extensive multi-platform project that explores the lives of Iowans with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It features people of different ages and abilities who each have a unique story to tell and delves into their challenges and successes.

Maryland Summer of Space

MPT’s Digital Studios partnered with the local NASA Goddard campus to create four digital shorts about Maryland’s contributions to space research, as part of the PBS Summer of Space programming, MPT held a public screening at the Old Greenbelt Theatre. The station’s digital team worked at Goddard’s social media staff to orchestrate cross-posting; NASA promoted the series to their 1.2 million on Facebook fans, and 543 thousand on Twitter contacts, resulting in 13,000 Facebook video plays.

Battling Opioids (2019 Finalist)

Pennsylvania Public Media stations WHYY, WITF, WLVT/PBS39, WPSU, WQED, WQLN, WVIA are collaborating to produce educational programming that focuses on the opioid crisis with the goals of increasing awareness, reducing stigma, aiding prevention, and helping people find treatment. This state-wide project included long-form documentaries, online features, educational interstitials, and strong social media support. Battling Opioids helped to direct more than 23,000 calls to the state helpline since the project started.

Future Jobs: Growing Our Region’s Workforce

The Future Jobs initiative explores the careers that are trending now and will be in the near future in Western Pennsylvania, not just in urban areas, but in the suburbs and in rural communities. This multi-platform project aims to deliver information to the public when they need it, notably to middle school students and their teachers.

Twin Cities PBS put a stake in the ground with the launch of The site showcases the station’s extensive library of local productions. It also serves as a learning laboratory for developing digital-first, short-form video storytelling aimed at engaging Minnesota audiences that may not see themselves or their communities reflected in broadcast programming. The site provides a steady stream of local content that triggers pride of place, shares and challenges viewers’ perspectives on what it means to call this state home.

Special Needs Resource Library

The Vegas PBS Special Needs Resource Library is a free-loan educational media library for Nevada citizens with special needs. Hearing- and visually-impaired residents can check out media with closed captions or descriptive voice-overs. Vegas PBS offers structured play groups for children with special needs ages two to four and their caregivers, conducted in an accessible children’s area within the library. The station provides educational games and activities that parents, teachers and other professionals find vital for teaching children with unique learning challenges.

I just want to testify…

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, PBS in Topeka created this two-hour community conversation with students and teachers from the segregation era. Shot in a modern-day Cinema Verite’ style on a single day in 2019, students and teachers from the four segregated Black schools in Topeka talked about their lives prior to and after integration. The five-part series included: Growing up in Topeka’s Black Community; Family, Friends, Neighbors; School and You (Segregation); School and You (Integration); and After-effects (outcomes, impact).

Say Something! Youth Voices

Public Media Network (PMN) is a Public, Education, and Government (PEG) media arts organization founded to serve five Michigan towns. Say Something! Youth Voices provides young residents access to training, equipment loans, media production facilities, programming distribution, and vocational instruction in media production to local high schools. PMN also operates WKDS 89.9 FM, a 100-watt FM non-commercial/educational radio station licensed to the Kalamazoo Public Schools.