KidVision Art Room


South Florida PBS’ KidVision Art Room makes learning about genres of art and different artists accessible for children everywhere. This twelve-part series opens with an episode on “Photography with Ready-Made Objects” featuring artist Man Ray. KidVision’s Miss Penny (South Florida PBS Education Director) teaches the children how to take artistic black and white photos a with objects they can find around the house. In episode two, children learn about “Lines and Mark-making” with an emphasis on the works of Mary Cassatt. The children are shown how to embellish their family photographs with gorgeous colorful lines to add dimension and vibrancy to their photos. Episode three shines a light on the work of Frida Kahlo with a focus on “Self-portraits with Animals.” Miss Penny teaches the children how to create a gorgeous self-portrait featuring their favorite animal. Episode four focuses on “Symmetry” featuring works from Swedish artists Hilma af Klint. The children explore creating art with symmetrical shapes. Episode five focuses on “Color” by introducing children to famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe, Miss Penny and the kids paint beautiful flowers. The sixth episode, titled “Values of Blue” teaches children about the works of Katsushika Hokusai. This episode teaches children about different values of color by having them create a great wave print at home. Episode seven introduces children to artists Edmonia Lewis and teaches them about “Base and Sculpture” as Miss Penny teaches children how to create a sculpture with base at home. Episode eight is all about “Scale and Size” with a focus on the work of Augusta Savage. Miss Penny and the kids create figurative sculptures at home. Episode nine is all about “Site-Specific Nature Sculpture” featuring artist Andy Goldsworthy. Miss Penny teaches the children about site-specific and ephemeral art as they create their own nature sculpture. Episode ten focuses on “Still-Life” with works by Louis Melendez. Miss Penny teaches children about realism and still-life. The eleventh episode focuses on “Shapes” with works by William H. Johnson. Miss Penny teaches children about different shapes and helps children create their very own shape-people at home. The twelfth and final installment of the Art Room series is all about “Rhythm”! The finale of Art Room features Miss Penny discussing works of famous artist Joan Miro, a detailed explanation of rhythm, and a demonstration on how to create your very own carnival picture!