Minnehistories was created to share the many history stories TPT is known for telling, but in a format that is structured to capture and maintain the audience’s interest while scrolling on TikTok. To do so, videos are scripted and edited with eye catching visuals and archival material. They allow for stories of important pieces of Minnesota history to have a wider reach and find new audiences than they could on our broadcasts. They also highlight under told stories, such as those of BIPOC histories in Minnesota.

We have one person dedicated to creating content and managing the account. Typically, three TikTok videos are posted in a week, but Minnehistories are posted more infrequently because of the research and editing time they take to make. With research, scripting, filming, editing, and moderating comments, each history video takes about 10 hours, and one is posted every few weeks.

People want to have fun and learn new things on TikTok, and these videos offer new, surprising pieces of information in a small amount of time with fast-paced cuts and graphics made to grab and keep audience’s attention. These posts invite intrigue and prompt organic engagement because they contain information people want to share with others.

One important part of the Minnehistories is that that process does not stop with the creation and posting of the video. Engagement with the audience is key. Comments are monitored, and the video creator engages in conversation with those who comment on the video, answering questions to dig deeper into the history, sharing memories, and on-the-spot fact checking. This helps build a relationship with the audience and allows the content to be more alive than broadcast content could ever be.