Maryland broadcaster rebrands as Baltimore Public Media

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Your Public Radio, the parent organization of WYPR and WTMD, announced Monday that it has rebranded as Baltimore Public Media. 

The organization purchased WTMD, which broadcasts a Triple A format, from Towson University in 2021. 

“The goal has always been to honor the distinct identity of each station while uniting the diverse stories and voices within the communities we serve,” GM Craig Swagler said in a press release. 

The organization has been working on the rebranding process since January 2023. In addition to a new name, it also has a new logo and “sonic identity,” according to the release. 

“The new sonic identity is composed of five distinct notes representing the five syllables of WTMD and WYPR,” said Wendel Patrick, a Baltimore artist and composer who created the identity. “The composition is intended to invoke a sense of place. With sounds of voices and movement, it is reminiscent of the world our community navigates, and BPM is the soundtrack of their daily lives. Through each exposure to these distinctive sounds, a sense of familiarity, trust, and community is enshrined.”

The sonic IDs can be heard here.

Under the new name, the organization will “continue to provide quality music programming, distinguished journalism, and enrich our community through the continuous focus on, and access to, both,” said Lisa Manzone, Baltimore Public Media board chair.

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