Orlando’s WMFE rebrands as Central Florida Public Media

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Provided by &Barr

WMFE in Orlando has rebranded to Central Florida Public Media.

WMFE in Orlando has changed its name to Central Florida Public Media to help grow brand recognition for the station. 

Research by the public relations firm &Barr found weak brand penetration in the community beyond the station’s existing audience, said GM Judith Smelser. 

“We need an identity that communicates who we are, what we do, and the community we serve in clear language that everyone can understand,” Smelser said. 

Central Florida Public Media’s journalism has grown beyond just radio, with content coming out through podcasts, email newsletters, social media and its website. The station’s site changed to cfpublic.org with the rebrand.

The new name follows Central Florida Public Media adopting a new mission statement and strategic plan in recent years. 

With the April 3 rollout, the station also launched a new tagline: “Trustworthy. Independent. Journalism.”

A new logo features a megaphone, portraying the station’s commitment to amplifying diverse voices and open dialogue, a news release said. Its blue and green colors reflect the Central Florida landscape. 

“We needed a new identity to reflect and really communicate what we see as a very powerful new vision and mission to the rest of the community,” Smelser said.

She said research revealed deep misconceptions about the radio station and its funding. For example, a lot of people thought NPR funds the station.

“People didn’t understand not only are we not subsidized by NPR, but we pay NPR,” Smelser said. 

She added that Central Florida Public Media now has to live up to its aspirations to serve the community with its rebrand. In February, it launched Engage, a new radio show focused on local issues, and The Wrap, a weekly news digest podcast.

Smelser said the podcast shows Central Florida Public Media is “committed to being there for people wherever they get their news and information.”

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