NPR to debut new interview podcast

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Raz (Photo: Kara Frame/NPR)

Kara Frame/NPR

Raz (Photo: Kara Frame/NPR)

NPR will debut a new interview podcast Monday hosted by Guy Raz, also host of the network’s TED Radio Hour.

How I Built This will feature Raz interviewing founders of successful brands and companies with a focus on those who have “either disrupted an established field or saw a need that wasn’t being met,” according to a press release.

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson and Radio One founder Cathy Hughes will be among the interviewees.The first season will consist of 40 weekly episodes.

“We are living in the middle of an entrepreneurial renaissance all around the world,” Raz said in a press release. “Many of the most iconic brands and companies we think of today were started by ordinary people with extraordinary grit. How I Built This is the place where those people drop their guard, open up and take us on a wild ride.”

Raz will continue hosting TED Radio Hour.

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