One thought on “On-demand programs prove alluring to PBS station members

  1. For a time after cutting the cable cord, I was thrilled with the PBS app in Roku and Apple TV. Then the Passport extortion popped up. Sadly, bye-bye PBS app. Honestly, I only watched it to find some history documentaries and British detective shows. Now I simply go into the plethora of app channels that include those designed exclusively for documentaries and subscribe to apps like Acorn and MHZ which offer all the BBC and Australian shows I love. So, dear PBS, the only really great documentaries you aired were The Way it Was, New York series (which would not play on the Iphone app and that was the deal breaker). Downton Abbey is of zero interest to me and I can get Inspector Lewis, Endeavor, Vera, and New Tricks from Hulu or Netflix. Oh, and I also have digital antenna and a DVD/VCR that records. If I really want to watch you, it is not a problem and I am not going to pay for it.

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