NPR One joins Apple’s connected car platform

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The NPR One app is now available on Apple CarPlay, the network announced Friday.

The move makes NPR One available on both major connected-car platforms. NPR One is already available on Google’s Android Auto. CarPlay is available in 100 vehicle models across 20 brands, according to NPR.

NPR One can be voice-controlled on CarPlay using Siri, said Tejas Mistry, mobile product manager at NPR, in a blog post.

“Together with Android Auto, MirrorLink and bluetooth connectivity, as well as our technology partnerships with numerous automakers, CarPlay strengthens NPR’s commitment to deliver local and international public media programming to drivers everywhere,” Mistry wrote.

Joel Sucherman, NPR’s senior director of digital products, said at the Dash Conference last year that navigating the burgeoning connected-car industry hasn’t been cheap for NPR.

With so many competing systems, “it’s been a great challenge, and a very expensive one for a nonprofit . . . to try to navigate the last five years,” he said.

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