NPR to launch new podcast, ‘Hidden Brain’

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NPR science correspondent Shankar Vedantam will expand on his Morning Edition appearances with a new podcast, Hidden Brain. The weekly 20-minute podcast will launch September 22.

According to a press release, the podcasting will link “psychology and neurobiology with art, music and literature” and will “reveal patterns that drive human behavior, biases that shape our choices, and imperceptible forces that influence our relationships.”

This is the first podcast produced from NPR since Invisibilia launched as a podcast and radio show in January. The network has been piloting podcasts (here and here) through its NPR One app.

Here’s more about the new show from the press release:

Each episode will find creative ways to make social science research accessible. Recurring segments include “Mad Scientist,” where guests try to predict what an experiment found, and “Stopwatch Science” – a rapid-fire exchange of ideas. Topics from early episodes include “Switchtracking,” which is what happens when two people think they are talking about the same thing but are really on their own tracks, why the bond between students and teachers makes a big difference in education, and how a female poker champion learned to use the stereotypes her rivals had about her to her own advantage.

Listen to a short teaser:

Vedantam has also written a book titled Hidden Brain.

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