3 thoughts on “Preparing public media newsrooms to cover local crises

  1. Great teaching moment. One thing to emphasize: your crisis response is more closely related to your daily news response than you realize. In other words, you can’t completely reinvent yourself at the time of crisis, you need to be able to scale up existing systems within the existing culture. This should encourage more and better crisis coverage planning, because what you address on the extreme end of that response spectrum produces benefits on the daily end. Note: we provided a helpful template for crisis coverage planning in PRNDI’s Public Radio News Directors Guide: http://prndg.org/establish-a-crisis-coverage-plan

  2. Update KQED-FM, KQED App and website did cover the San Francisco Airport Crash on July, 6 2013. What KQED did was interrupt national NPR feed for Local updates of the Crash. SOme NPR News/Talk Stations may have borrowed the KQED-FM feeds for updates. However KQED-TV9 and 54 did not air breaking news of the Crash on the PBS affiliate feed. Some cable subscribers in the San Francisco Bay Area may have the KQED-FM on the subchannel feed. My point is that KQED did well on Breaking news Radio and web but bad on putting the message out on TV.

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