5 thoughts on “Co-host pairing prompts Brand to exit KPCC

  1. Bill Davis is a liar and everyone knows it. Brand & Martinez started August 20th . . . not two months ago. Did this reporter even talk to Arbitron?? No analyst could draw any conclusion based on the recent crazy topsey turvey history of KPCC. B&M wasn’t even on for a month . . . and Take Two hasn’t been on for a month.

    “According to Davis, in the past two months with Martínez as a co-host the show’s AQH increased by more than 15 percent, audience share jumped by more than 20 percent and the Latino percentage of the show’s audience doubled.”

    • It’s possible to get close to minute-by-minute breakdowns of audience listening in Portable Peter Meter markets such as Los Angeles…and get them in a matter of weeks, if not days, from Arbitron.

      So what Bill David said is probably true.

      The question is whether or not it’s MEANINGFUL. It’s usually not terribly meaningful to look at PPM numbers month-to-month; it’s more meaningful to compared a given month to the previous year’s month, for example, as there are a multitude of factors that can impact month-to-month listening that might be completely independent of a change in programming.

      But by the same token, the past month or two is all the data they’ve got so far…and even if it’s not necessarily meaningful, an increase in audience is never a BAD thing from the perspective of the station.

      So to call Davis “a liar” is more than little unfair. Maybe he’s spinning the news, maybe he isn’t, but I highly doubt he’s flat-out lying.

      • “Spin” this . . .
        Read page 7 of each of these documents. CPB contract is secured early 2011 (they do the return in July) and then Bill Davis’ total compensation goes up by over 40%. Maybe there is no connection between the data but it’s all we’ve got to go on so far.

        SCPR Form 990 FY11 (PDF file)

        SCPR Form 990 FY10 (PDF file)

        SCPR Form 990 FY09 (PDF file)

        • Shame on you. The plural of “anecdote” is NOT “data,” dammit. Assuming the worst because you don’t have the facts is character assassination, plain and simple. I have no idea if Bill Davis is a saint or a slimeball, but your insinuations are in very poor taste.

          And besides: there is no connection. CPB payments are NEVER “secure”. Congress can, and does, threaten to cut the funding all the time, and they can do it. The whole “sequestration” issue has a great deal of potential (not likelihood, but potential) to nuke CPB’s second of the two annual CSG (Community Service Grant) payments.

          You can argue all you want about whether Davis’ compensation is justified or not. But it’s sure as hell not tied to the CSG.

  2. AMartinez seems like a nice guy, but lacks the knowledge and substance, personality and brilliance that Madelyn has. Switching back to KCRW.

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