New Jersey Sustainability Reporting Project

The New Jersey Sustainability Reporting project is a state wide news collaborative spearheaded by CivicStory that generates local storiabout sustainability issues and actions required to resolve our climate crises. Through 6-month fellowships, early to mid-career journalists report for diverse New Jersey newsrooms, and help citizens shift from day-to-day thinking to longer-term consideration of the needs, health, and wellbeing of future generations.


Uncuffed is a podcast and radio series made by people incarcerated in California prisons. KALW producers teach them how to record and edit powerful audio stories about life on the inside. Uncuffed seeks to create emotional, human stories to shift the narrative around incarcerated people and change the criminal justice system.

RadioWest Book Club

The RadioWest Book Club brings listeners together to read and talk about books and has proven to be a great way to reach new audiences, engage with librarians, scholars and other community partners and create an enduring podcast of the monthly club discussions.

Concert on Your Lawn

KBBI AM 890 is hosted an on-air remote ‘Concert on YOUR Lawn’ Fundraiser- a socially distant homage to our Concert On The Lawn days and an opportunity for us to celebrate our amazing listener-supporters. Throughout the two days listeners heard the regular shows they love as well as live music, KBBI testimonies, and giveaways all culminating in the Concert on Your Lawn Event with local musicians broadcasting from their homes.

Michigan News Group Internship

WCMU is re-imagining local journalism by creating partnerships with rural newspapers to produce content and at the same time train J students in broadcast, print and internet story telling. We are harnessing the reach of a public radio network and the local strength of community newspapers to provide an outstanding product, remind news consumers about the value of local news, and give small papers much needed boots on the ground during a time when contractions in the industry are threatening their existence.

Hidden in Plain Sight

WSHU Public Radio collaborates with undergraduate journalism students to craft local interest stories for on-air broadcast. This initiative offers a replicable framework for radio stations to partner with colleges or universities in a win/win partnership that promotes much needed local news and bolsters community pride showcasing hyper-local stories, while giving students experiential learning opportunities and exposing them to the professional journalism process.


WYEP’s Reimagination project connects teen musicians with professional mentors to record and produce their own original music. Since 2013, the program has engaged with more than 220 area teen musicians, several of whom have gone on to become Grammy and Emmy award winners.

Democracy & Me

Democracy & Me is not a “broadcasting” exercise, it’s about engagement and listening. Democracy & Me is an educational outreach program guided by professional staff and educators, but fueled by students’ voices.

KZMU Live Radio Plays

KZMU’s annual live, original radio plays are a precious architectural space, constructed sonically, to be used as an imaginative stage to explore both the lore and realities of the rural, desert communities of our listeners. Using the broadcast medium, and building on the radio theater tradition that began in the 1930’s, KZMU’s performances create a platform for local directors, musicians, voice actors, foley artists, stage hands, and sound and lighting technicians.