The Radio Drama Club on WRKF


Now entering our second season, every episode of The Radio Drama Club on WRKF brings together some of South Louisiana’s most talented actors, singers, and musicians to perform and support original radio plays written, directed, and performed by Timmie Callais (aka Mister C), who is also our host and WRKF’s Membership Manager. Each episode is recorded and edited by master of his craft, our Director of Production Nicholas Frederick with assistance by Natalie Morvant, and in addition to the performers, The Radio Drama Club on WRKF attracts professional music directors and stage managers from the community to volunteer, as well. The company meets online a few times, then in person a few times to rehearse very minimal stage-blocking, then we utilize the bond of our WRKF’s community partners to trade for recording space, and we personally invite members from our Board of Directors, our Community Advisory Board, our Circle of Friends (those who donate $1000), and anyone from the community to be a part of the audience. Our first season contained 6 episodes of The Time Team about two siblings who bump into a bumbling scientist one day and inadvertently become time travelers, participating in and making mucking-up history a bit. Season Two brings individual original radio plays starting with Scuderi alla Scala, a radio toast the world of opera starring REAL opera singers, and that will be followed by a Louisiana adaptation of War of the Worlds starring the real-life voices of WRKF, Baton Rouge Public Radio. We truly believe this is only the beginning!