Palmetto Perspectives


In July of 2020, the state and country, were adjusting to living during a pandemic when significant conversations were being held regarding racial injustices following the killings of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, and other unarmed black Americans. As the statewide public media outlet, it was important for us to bring these conversations to light, so we began the quarterly public affairs program, “Palmetto Perspectives.” Along with a panel of diverse experts in studio, how could we involve our viewers during a pandemic? It was decided the best way to do this was through our social media outlets. The program was streamed on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube, and along with our main host, we enlisted a social media host that would pose any live questions and comments from our online viewers. Since that first program on racial injustices, we have continued these critical conversations with topics on historical monuments, voting rights, health disparities, school violence, and gun reform with the hope by having these conversations we introduce younger and older generations to new opinions and perspectives to help make positive changes in society.