Local Goodies Tote

It doesn’t get more local, or more public radio, than sourcing your pledge drive tote bags from a local textile manufacturer in your community. Two years ago, we made a pledge to begin using local products and merchandise whenever possible as thank you gifts during our drives. Then, in the Spring of 2017, we filled the tote bag with different snack items made in Baltimore and the surrounding area and called it our Local Goodies Tote!

KVIE Art Auction

The KVIE Art Auction is an annual, live-televised fundraising event. Over 250 pieces of artwork are donated by artists throughout the Sacramento region, curated from hundreds of submissions. Local artists receive print, on-air, and web recognition. 1 week prior to the live auction, we hold a Preview Gala where all the artwork is on display. Jury awards are announced, as well as the winner of the framing competition.

What Listening Looks Like

“What Listening Looks Like” asked people to show us where they listen to our radio services and had them take a selfie and send it to us to be shared on our website. We had an underwriter who would donate $5 for every photo submitted. This ran for one month and we received close to 1,000 selfies! This is great engagement, a wonderful revenue source and costs the station nothing but staff time and on-air promotional time.

ValleyPBS Family Circle Membership

In 2013 ValleyPBS was looking for new and innovative ways to grow its membership base. We had more members over 100 than under 30, so we launched ValleyPBS Family Circle in June 2013. Family Circle is priced at a sustaining membership ($10/mo.) with benefits including a newsletter, member cards for each child, event discounts, a special Facebook group and monthly Family Circle events. We now have 200 member-families (2% of our total membership) providing $2,000/mo. plus $1,500/mo.

Baltimore Band Block Party

The Baltimore Band Block Party is WTMD’s signature fund-raiser. Each year, 15-20 local bands are given the tools to raise money for WTMD in the form of ticket sales and donations. The station provides exposure to these local bands by putting them in heavy rotation. This on-air support builds familiarity among our listeners. At the end of three weeks the station holds a BBBP concert…the top ten fund raising bands play live with the top three winning substantial prizes.

Connect Card

In the summer of 2016, WCNY began to refresh its member benefit offerings and concluded the station’s existing “2-for-1” member discount card (one of the benefits that members valued most and a primary incentive for members to move up to the $100 level) needed to be replaced as the vendor’s program had numerous limits. The decision was made that the station would create its own card. WCNY’s Connect Card was then developed and successfully launched in 2017.

Radio Boise Tuesday

Every Tuesday night Radio Boise hosts national, regional or local bands at Neurolux, Boise’s most popular music venue which donates 20% of drink sales to the station. The event features a Radio Boise DJ who spins before and after each show, promoting the station. Each show is broadcast live. The goal is to raise awareness about Radio Boise and raise funds, but also to provide a strong off-night show in the Boise market for emerging touring bands and indie headliners.

Mug Stops

During its FM Pledge Drive week, WCVE invites listeners to have a cup of coffee with them in a local coffee shop. On the last day, the station celebrates with the community at a local brewery. The initiative is dubbed Mug Stops because each time the station designs a special, collectible mug people can purchase for a $10 donation. The original intent was to encourage listeners to build buzz about the station on social media with a fun, community-oriented activity.

The KVIE Art Gallery

KVIE has been doing a live televised art auction (245 plus pieces over 3 days) for over 30 years. To support all the artists who donate work for the auction, we decided to open an art gallery in our station. We remodeled unused lobby space. Artists now show and sell work through 6 exhibitions each year. The gallery, open Mon- Fri, requires no additional staffing.