Michigan Radio rebrands as Michigan Public

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Michigan Radio changed its name Wednesday to Michigan Public.

The station said in a press release that the rebranding reflects the multiple platforms beyond radio on which the station reaches audiences.   

“As we continue in our efforts to grow our audience and be even more relevant in the digital news environment, we can’t just maintain the status quo,” Executive Director Wendy Turner said in the release. “Although broadcast radio remains an essential part of our service, the biggest opportunities to grow and diversify our audience are on digital platforms, and our new branding will reflect that.”

Michigan Public has also adopted a new logo with flowing lines that “represent the fluidity of thought, conversation, and sound” and a color scheme reflecting “the four brand pillars of Michigan Public: Information, Connection, Inspiration and Participation,” according to the release.

The station is not changing any programming as part of the rebranding. 

Michigan Public is now among other “Public”-branded pubcasters such as Connecticut Public, Maine Public, Prairie Public and Vermont Public. Some Vermont Public audience members have griped about the name

5 thoughts on “Michigan Radio rebrands as Michigan Public

  1. Its what happens when you let marketing folks try to justify thier existence with new names, new logos, new colors and really its just a big waste of money. If the product is good your customers/audience etc. don’t care at all…. Felt bad for announcers clearly pausing to not say “Radio” on thier broadcasts.

  2. “Michigan Public Media” would have been a less awkward name in my opinion and would still address the modern reality of getting away from traditional radio and embracing various forms of presentation. They should have checked with the actual “users” first.

  3. The new name is awkward. It sounds incomplete. As a noun, public refers to a group of people. I agree with the comment that it should be Michigan Public Media – or something, anything that uses Public as an adjective. Michigan Public makes no sense. Where were the English majors when you discussed the name change? Please change it!

  4. Michigan Public what? Not a fan of the change at all. Nobody I know was confused in the least when looking online for Michigan Public Radio, “radio” has acquired a bit of cachet and it’s weird that “Michigan Public” broadcasts programs created by National Public….Radio. Awkward, as others have said.

  5. I agree with all previous posts. “Michigan Radio” has a flow to it. “Michigan Public Media” has a flow to it. “Michigan Public” leaves you wanting…………..something.

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