NPR’s development chief leaves for West Coast opportunity

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NPR Chief Development Officer Stephanie Witte has stepped down to pursue an unspecified opportunity. 

CEO Jarl Mohn said in a memo to staff that Witte left NPR June 7 to pursue “a new opportunity on the West Coast.”

“Over the past several years, our talented Development team has been an essential part of NPR’s ability to exceed our overall revenue targets,” Mohn wrote. “Every year, contributions from foundations and major donors combine with station dues and fees and corporate sponsorship to power the news, information, and cultural programming NPR provides to the public. We are on a strong trajectory, and I see that continuing.”

Witte joined NPR in 2017 and had led an effort to improve fundraising collaboration between the network and its member stations. 

NPR’s development team will report to President of Operations Loren Mayor while the network searches for Witte’s replacement. 

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