PBS removes Keillor segment from upcoming ‘Finding Your Roots’

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PBS has pulled a segment about Garrison Keillor from a Finding Your Roots episode set to air Dec. 19 following an allegation of sexual harassment leveled at the former radio host.

PBS told station programmers in an email Thursday that it has “decided to construct the episode with a different line-up.” A segment with actress Maya Rudolph will replace Keillor, PBS said. The Rudolph segment previously aired in January 2016.

PBS and producing station WETA “felt that Keillor’s inclusion in the broadcast at this time would distract from the series’ purpose of exploring genealogy and ancestry,” WETA spokesperson Kate Kelly told Current.

Minnesota Public Radio announced Keillor’s termination Nov. 29, citing “inappropriate behavior” on the part of Keillor, a founder and former host of A Prairie Home Companion.

2 thoughts on “PBS removes Keillor segment from upcoming ‘Finding Your Roots’

  1. I hope the segment will air at a later date. I agree, it’s too soon. I will be very interested to learn about Keillor’s ancestry. Thank you. Christine from Battle Creek.

  2. I waited all season for the GK epidsod and am so upset it was removed. Come on. Let the punishments fit the crime. MPR grossly overreacted to a minor incident….patting a woman in a barebacked dress on her back…an act for which Keillor immediately apologized after she recoiled from his touch. I’m not watching FYR again until either this episode airs or Keillor is actually found to have done something wrong.

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