StoryCorps workers vote on unionization

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A group of StoryCorps employees are voting Tuesday on whether to unionize.

The vote was scheduled after the National Labor Relations Board ruled earlier this month on which employees could participate in a collective bargaining unit.

The Communications Workers of America, which is representing the StoryCorps workers, called the ruling a “win.” StoryCorps spokesperson Blake Zidell said that 24 employees are eligible to vote, but the ruling didn’t specify the exact number.

“StoryCorps leadership will respect the staff vote and, moreover, are committed to working with all employees to make StoryCorps the best possible place to work, no matter the outcome of the vote,” Zidell said in a statement to Current.

The result will be finalized in September, Zidell said.

Secret balloting will take place Tuesday for Brooklyn staff and at a later date for staff in other locations, according to Zidell. NLRB’s notice of the election says that mail ballots are due Sept. 12. To unionize, a majority of eligible workers must vote in favor of the proposal.  

All full- and part-time non-managerial, non-temporary workers are eligible to vote and join the bargaining unit if employees vote to proceed.

During an organizing effort initiated by some employees this year, StoryCorps management disputed the inclusion of eight job classifications in a proposed bargaining unit.

The NLRB ruled that six of the eight job classifications could be included and would be eligible to vote in the election. The six job titles included are: producers; web developer and mobile app specialist; senior analyst, finance and accounting; production assistants; program specialist, community training; community engagement associate.

The NLRB ruled that two job classifications, mobile facilitators and project manager, StoryCorps Tools, would not be included in the unit because the jobs are temporary, one-year positions.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated which job titles are eligible to vote. Project manager, StoryCorps Tools is not eligible to vote, and production assistants are eligible. 

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