One thought on “Nonprofit news outlets mirror overall media in diversity, according to ASNE survey

  1. As is the case with Brandon Quester’s outfit, IowaWatch has one staffer now — we had two, both white, when the survey was taken and will have two again when the position is filled so we show up 100 percent white (although we were 50/50 male/female when the survey was taken, another unreliable read on our diversity because of the small sample). We work with student volunteers who include African Americans and Asians. The best thing we get when the diversity pool is deep is perspective but we also have more avenues for gathering and understanding news. I’m convinced that an IowaWatch report in 2014 that won an SPJ Master of Excellence award for best online news story by a college student journalist was good because the reporter, who is from China, knew the topic and its importance and was able to relate it to a worldwide audience.

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