7 thoughts on “‘Radio Reader’ host Dick Estell dies at 90

  1. Dick Estell: That time at Oregon Public Broadcasting in the early 1990s, when there was a problem with part of the Radio Reader feed and an on-staff announcer had to “read” the rest of that missing section for the listeners. Feedback was swift and unforgiving! No one could then, or now, replace Dick Estell!

  2. Many years ago I listened to Dick Estell on a public radio station in the San Francisco Bay Area. I loved that radio show.

  3. Could the recordings of his shows be circulated as a podcast? Also, where can I find a list of all the books Dick Estell read on air over the years? I have found it in the past, but it seems to be gone now.
    I loved this show. I grew up listening to it and miss it.

  4. I listened to him read The Chamber (John Grisham) in 1993 at work in Southeast Florida. I would write code while listening to him on my headset.. A true service provider to the masses.

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