The great NPR chicken rescue of 2015

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Something ran afowl this week at NPR — a chicken.

NPR staffers rescued a chicken spotted outside the network’s Washington, D.C., headquarters along heavily trafficked North Capitol Street Monday, according to the network.

Adam Cole, who runs NPR’s Skunk Bear YouTube channel and Tumblr, first spotted the chicken. Cole and other employees thought they should try to get the chicken away from the street.

“We bystanders resolved to catch the chicken and protect it from the morning North Capitol traffic,” Cole told D.C. blog PoPville. “Ten embarrassing minutes later, I had grass stains on my knees and the chicken had given in to stereotypes and crossed the road.”

Fortunately, NPR global health and development correspondent Jason Beaubien, a chicken owner, was able to pluck the bird from danger. He put it in a makeshift cage in an office recently vacated by Edith Chapin, who was promoted to NPR’s executive editor in October.

According to a tweet from Beaubien, the chicken was moved to a “safe house outside the District” Tuesday.

The network used the chicken fiasco as an opportunity to interview an expert about chickens in the developing world. And the incident prompted a little fun in the form of an @NPRChicken feed on Twitter, with more than 1,000 followers so far.

The NPR chicken joins other animals that have lived at or visited NPR, including bees, which apparently keep dying, and a snake, which made an appearance as part of an Invisibilia episode.

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