2 thoughts on “Hacked emails imply possible Finding Your Roots censorship by Gates

  1. Love the show, I shed tears often…my only comment is I don’t like the new family tree boxes on the screen hard to read, please return to previously used family tree boxes.

  2. I just pray that somebody reads this letter and that Mr Gates JR could help me. I am a Latina woman who my father was married to another woman and had a mistress. I am the product of that mistress. But his wife try to kill me several times. I was told the truth when I was 16 years old. My name, my birthday, my date of birth, everything was changed to the fact that my grandfather was a famous baseball player and he is in the Latin baseball Hall of Fame. He was friends with the mayor and all of my traces were erased. I don’t know how old I am. I don’t know nothing about my biological mother. And something about my culture Puerto Ricans literally take a secret to the grave. I will appreciate the help because I don’t know anything and it’s frustrating. I could only pray and Hope for somebody close to you will read this and reply. I put my story in God’s hands and hopefully you can help me. Be blessed and be safe to the person who reads this and shows him my plea

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