• Jane Roxbury

    Sounds like ITV has experienced consistently bad decision-making with its actions re such gems as Foyle’s War and Into the Wild while sinking way too much $ into things like Titanic. Bummer, but looking forward to Foyle’s return, long overdue!!

  • Alexandra Wallace

    Very much looking forward to Foyle’s return. I love the period atmosphere and the reserved, closed mouth approach of Michael Kitchen in the starring role. Honeysuckle Weeks is, indeed, Foyle’s foil and a lovely, wholesome young lady – well she would be wouldn’t she, being a daughter of the manse!

  • Colleen Jew

    Can’t wait for the return of Foyle’s War!

    • sweetone2

      MEE TOO!

  • sweetone2

    Foyles War is an exceptional drama and keeps you coming back for more. One of PBS best ever!

  • Mark Hasselback

    As wonderful as Foyle’s War is, Inside Foyle’s War was fairly dreadful being just a collection of scenes from earlier episodes followed by scenes from this season all surrounded by fund-raising efforts by PBS. Yes, there were a few interviews with cast and producers but not enough to make it worthwhile. We wasted close to an hour watching it before realizing we had pretty much been conned and fast-forwarded through the last 20 or 25 minutes. I’d suggest others not make the same mistake and just watch the series instead.