Flyover Culture

Flyover Culture is a new webseries by WTIU Public Television that explores different aspects and areas of pop culture in the Midwest. Topics include gaming, music, art and the occasional urban legend.

GPB Civic Dinner Inclusive Series

GPB hosted a series of Civic Dinner events based on local submissions to PBS American Portrait. The conversations were designed to build a more inclusive culture within our greater community.

Tell Me the Story

“Tell Me The Story” is PBA’s award-winning, multi-platform digital campaign launched in support of PBS’s Henry Louis Gates documentary “The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song.”

The WNET Group’s New American Dream

5-week town hall series gathering thought leaders from across the US to discuss the impact of white supremacy on America today, and ways to make the nation more accountable to its democratic ideals.

¿Qué Pasa, Midwest?

¿QPM? gives Midwestern Latinos a sense of identity and community that is vital to their well being. We do this by producing and distributing authentic, culturally competent bilingual content.


“NewsDepth” is a weekly interactive digital series that breaks down the biggest news stories into fun standards-aligned lessons for 4th to 6th-grade students across Ohio.

The Accountability Project

The Accountability Project is a recently launched investigative journalism unit at Connecticut Public Broadcasting. The three-person investigative reporting team produces short and long-form stories.


“Homes” presented personal stories from residents of Cleveland’s Woodhill Homes as it faced a complete rebuild. It also created space for community dialogue about public housing, race and poverty.