Relax! Tru Facts on the Vax

We partnered with a local institution to produce a FB Live broadcast. We combined music and comedy via street interviews with medical expertise to dispel COVID-19 vaccine misinformation.

KC Performs

Kansas City PBS developed the KC Performs initiative to support local arts organizations (theatre, song, instrumental) as Covid-19 forced audiences out of performance halls and theatres.

WXXI Public Media Live Forum Series

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, WXXI produced six forums with a panel of experts and community leaders, who shared information about the virus, vaccines, reopening plans, the economy, and more.


‘Homegoings’ is a special series from Vermont Public Radio that features conversations with musicians of color who live in Vermont — about Black grief, resilience and music.

Maine Public News Connect

Maine Public News Connect is a new initiative where we translate important news and information each week into French, Spanish, Somali, and Portuguese video pods for immigrant communities in Maine.

State Street Mural Project

Following local protests against police brutality in Madison, WI, the city commissioned 70 murals. PBS Wisconsin documented these with a 360° camera to showcase the artists’ calls for justice.

Flyover Culture

Flyover Culture is a new webseries by WTIU Public Television that explores different aspects and areas of pop culture in the Midwest. Topics include gaming, music, art and the occasional urban legend.

GPB Civic Dinner Inclusive Series

GPB hosted a series of Civic Dinner events based on local submissions to PBS American Portrait. The conversations were designed to build a more inclusive culture within our greater community.

Tell Me the Story

“Tell Me The Story” is PBA’s award-winning, multi-platform digital campaign launched in support of PBS’s Henry Louis Gates documentary “The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song.”