Safe & Sound: VPR’s Celebration of Vermont Music


Music runs like a heartbeat through the Green Mountain State. And as bars and concert halls went silent in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the music-makers of Vermont were still creating and sharing their work. As we work to understand the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, VPR has repeatedly heard from our audience the desire to hear stories that helped them feel connected, that bring them closer to Vermont’s artists. The need for a space to find our state’s resilient, vibrant and creative spirit.

In response, VPR created the music program Safe & Sound. It was produced initially as an independent special over Memorial Day weekend, and then on a weekly basis beginning in July.

Safe and Sound works to have representation from all musical genres, from across the state. We hear brand new releases and new songs performed from home and in response to the pandemic. We follow themes through music, and using the artist’s own words.