Interactive local government reporting


KUER’s political reporters and engagement staff have created an ongoing, multimedia project covering local government so that listeners and readers can easily access and share specific information about their elected leaders, public policies and laws and empower themselves to participate in the democratic process.

The initiative has included the “45 Days” podcast providing behind-the-scenes analysis of the Utah Legislative session during its eight weeks, an accompanying “45 Days” newsletter and a comprehensive infographic page on that logically illustrates details about political candidates, propositions, bills and laws. The midterm election infographic in 2018 was KUER’s most shared content ever and we expect it to be just as popular this election season. Last November Salt Lake City voted for a new Mayor and our political reporter posed 20 questions to each of the 13 candidates – their responses were printed alongside their photos on the page. The Salt Lake Tribune posted a copycat infographic on their website which is great for everyone. The Utah Legislature is in session just 45 days each winter, hence the podcast’s name, while the newsletter is delivered throughout the year. This legislative session the podcast will most likely grow beyond its current iteration and so its name and format will evolve. The various components of this multimedia project are informed by actual questions posed by audience members, submitted via Hearken and/or survey emails.

The podcast and newsletter each contain a link or instructions to donate. The infographic has been shared hundreds of times on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, resulting in free exposure and enhanced good will and trust in the public service provided by KUER.