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Classical IPR’s Kids Commute

WIAA - Classical Interlochen Public Radio 88.7 FM, Interlochen, MI

Every weekday morning, Interlochen Public Radio (IPR) presents Kids Commute, an interactive exploration of classical music centered around weekly themes (such as mermaids, opera and elephants) that are designed to educate and entertain the youngest listeners. Kids Commute also explores ballets, their stories, and the music that goes along with them. This interactive radio experience delivers strategies for early childhood artistic development that can be easily replicated in a variety of genres.

Inspired by KPAC Youth Talent Competition

Texas Public Radio
Public Radio
Nathan Cone

We believe that the arts, and specifically classical music, play an important role in the development of creativity in youth. Especially since the pandemic and the age of online learning, there has been an absence of extracurricular activities, leaving our youth with little to no creative and social outlet. Our “Inspired by KPAC” Youth Talent Competition has been an annual TPR event since 2015, and is one way in which we reach out to and engage with our young listeners.

Our classical music station, KPAC 88.3 FM, is one of only three 24-hour classical music stations in Texas, and the only classical music station covering San Antonio and the Southern Hill Country. The service we provide through our classical music station KPAC 88.3 FM, is vital to ensuring accessibility of beautiful music, advancing cultural vibrancy and supporting our South-Central Texas classical arts community. We highlight local performers to actively engage with our community and offer a valuable source of enjoyable classical music programming, especially in times of high stress and uncertainty.

“Inspired by KPAC” aims to connect an age group that is often disconnected from classical music – youth aged 13-19. Not only do they learn to appreciate masterworks of past and present, “Inspired by KPAC” allows them to interpret classical music in their own way. The contest provides the opportunity to showcase their musical talent in the performance of music inspired by what they hear on KPAC, their artistic talent in a visual representation of a piece of music, or their writing talent in a written composition inspired by classical music. Musical performances, as well as interviews with select contestants, are broadcast on KPAC. Visual art, written word, and musical performances are also highlighted on our website. Winners receive up to a $1,000 cash prize. Through this youth talent competition, we provide a needed respite from uncertain times and an outlet for youth creativity and talent in a supportive and engaging competition.

Especially in recent years, K-12 students have struggled with lack of peer-to-peer interaction due to online school and lack of extracurricular activities. “Inspired by KPAC” allows youth to participate in a culturally rich and engaging extracurricular activity, despite the ongoing COVID pandemic. “Inspired by KPAC” offers a creative outlet and a safe way for kids to get together again and express themselves.

Additionally, this program encourages the appreciation of classical music for non-musicians through our various art and writing categories. These talents are shared with the KPAC audience on the radio through a live broadcast and second edited show. This program also provides direct financial assistant to the students through contest awards.

Additionally, in order to reach a broader segment of the San Antonio population, TPR directly reaches out to underserved schools in the community to inform them of the contest as well as encourage participation from their students. This allows us to expand the reach of this contest and encourage the appreciation of the arts across our community.