Next City Seminars

Next City is a nonprofit news organization, founded in 2003, that believes in the power of journalism to amplify solutions from one city to the next city. Next City hosts live seminars, free hour-long webinars in which we ask practitioners to share lessons from successful projects in a 30-minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of moderated questions. Access is “pay what you wish;” the highest response has been 539 registrants contributing $3,500.

Freestyle Friday 2.0: Outta Da Basement

From February through July 2019, WRTI invited residents of its North Philadelphia neighborhood to the station’s studios for Freestyle Friday – weekly performances, recording sessions with local rappers, training on music production software, and screenings of an Emmy-nominated documentary called “Quest,” a film that inspired this initiative These engagement events serve to bridge the community and the campus and heal a volatile relationship through the power of music.

Matter Mobile

Matter Mobile is a portable, pop-up studio taken to different community events to conduct high quality audio and video interviews about thorny issues like urban development. The collapsible studio is constructed of wood, soundproofing foam, and windows made out of acrylic sheets. This structure offers interviewees more privacy than recording vox pops openly in the field.

An American Homefront reporter working in Puerto Rico with troops from Fort Bragg

American Homefront

American Homefront is a national/local collaborative reporting project focused on improving coverage of military and veterans issues. WIth support from CPB, WUNC’s dedicated full-time reporter and full-time editor moderate a Slack channel and lead weekly calls with partner stations: KPCC (Los Angeles), Colorado Public Radio, Texas Public Radio (San Antonio) and WUSF (Tampa) WUNC’s listening area includes Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune, two of the largest military installations. American Homefront has helped WUNC build relationships with those communities and host the station’s first two engagement events in Fayetteville/Fort Bragg.

Citizens Journalism Workshop

The Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism, which runs, hosted a workshop in Iowa City in April 2019 to inform the public about behind-the-scenes practices used to tell a truthful news story. The workshop, “Creative Minds: Journalism Workshop Engaging Citizens In the News,” fostered two-way communication between participating newsroom journalists and 15 local residents. This was a pilot project to determine public interest in such a workshop and to see whether ICPAJ could pull it off. The answer to both was: yes.

Local Music Month

Triple A radio station KXT’s Local Music Month introduces listeners to homegrown, regional acts by recognizing those artists who make North Texas so unique During Local Music Month (October), KXT highlights local music on the air and hosts a free Local Music Showcase, featuring a diverse lineup of live music from bands in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton. In 2018, over 800 people attended this celebration of the music scene in North Texas.

Curiosity Club

KUOW’s Curiosity Club is a nerdy supper club exploring the possibility that great food and compelling storytelling can turn a group of strangers into a community. Ten diverse community members, selected by an application process meet for a series of dinners. A month before each dinner, members are assigned five multimedia KUOW stories as “homework,” where the homework seeds the dinner conversations, which are both 1:1 and whole-group discussions. Afterwards, participants complete a survey, and some write thoughtful, surprising reflections posted to

The lead singer of Object Heavy

Lost Coast Sessions: Word Humboldt

In partnership with public radio KHSU, Public TV stations KEET developed a series showcasing local jazz and heavy metal bands, acapella groups … and even a poetry slam. With a crew of 7, the stations taped the shows at a local theater, edited them into stand-alone half-hour episodes and broadcast the results. The series was designed to raise the profile of little-known bands, as well expand the audience for popular favorites.

Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap (2019 Finalist)

Engage ICT Engage ICT: Democracy on Tap” is an ongoing community conversation project that has evolved into a popular monthly event that allows local citizens to explore the most important issues facing people in and around Wichita, Kansas. Launched with support from the Knight Foundation, Engage ICT has developed a multimedia format, including audio, video, audience interaction and refreshments. Engage ICT sessions are streamed via Facebook Live, giving those unable to physically attend a chance to join the conversation. Additional reference materials  from the public library are also provided on the topics covered. Read more about this project in Current.