But Why’s Farm Adventure


The But Why Farm Adventure video series was created as a part of a presentation that was showcased at the WBUR Podcast Festival in Boston and is now being presented around Vermont.

Listeners of the But Why podcast from around the world submitted questions about farm animals to be answered in the videos. In each video, Producers Jane Lindholm and Melody Bodette speak to a Vermont farmer who can help them answer the questions. The videos are shared during the presentations, broadcast and are also available on YouTube.

Vermont Public is a newly merged joint licensee organization. This project was a collaboration between teams to achieve a goal of the organization to create new and exciting short form videos. We have been taking the video series on the road and presenting it in a fun way for our audience to engage with But Why and Vermont Public.

During each presentation, two of the questions appear on the screen and the audience then chooses which of the two questions will be answered. The audience then cheers for the question they would like answered by making the noise of the animal in the question. The question with the loudest cheer is then answered in a short video. There are a total of 14 possible questions that could be answered and a total of 7 videos play during the presentation.

We also recently aired the videos on broadcast along with other local programming and made them available on YouTube. During the presentation, the audience only sees 7 of the 14 videos, so this allows folks to watch all of the videos anytime.