Wicked Good Festival

Today, WERS stands alone as Boston’s home for music discovery. A small but mighty staff of students and professionals carry the torch on the only radio station dedicated to featuring local artists. This is done on a daily basis through conscientious programming, but also through special features like “Wicked Local Wednesday.” In 2018, WERS launched its first (and totally free) Wicked Good Festival on Boston Common featuring a national touring act as well as local favorites.

The Reno Arch was erected in 1926 and remained in place until 1963. KUNR’s segment "Time & Place" has highlighted various topics about the history of Northern Nevada

Time & Place

Time & Place is a regular segment on KUNR in which historian Alicia Barber presents narratives and voices from the past, focusing on the rich and diverse heritage of Northern Nevada and the Eastern Sierra. Alicia has produced roughly 50 segments on a wide range of topics, including Reno’s unique gambling and divorce industries, along with historical examination of how racism and sexism have shaped current civic life. Digital reporters from the University of Nevada’s School of Journalism create audiograms of these stories for social media.

Understanding 1898: America’s Only Coup D’état

On November 10, 1898, white supremacists forcefully removed black politicians from the Wilmington, DE city government, killing as many as 300 people in the nation’s only coup d’etat. WQHR’s project documents that event, creating an educational resource for the community to explore an under-documented aspect of the city’s and nation’s history. And interactive map follows the arc of the coup with historical photos, documents, and video interviews embedded at key points.

Nancy Apple & Friends at a KASU Coffeehouse Concert.

KASU Live Music in the Delta

KASU launched a free live local concert series in 1999, a time when the downtown of Jonesboro, Arkansas was dying. Teaming with local restaurants, featuring great bands who played for donations, these monthly concerts made a major contribution to the emerging downtown revitalization. The concert series expanded to rural Paragould, featuring bluegrass music – a celebration of the nearby Ozarks. And now to another town: Newport.

Remembering Flight 232-The Exchange

This program was remembrance of the valor of those who helped rescue victims of the crash of United Flight 232 in 1989 at the Sioux Gateway Airport. Also, it was a way to remember the 120 people who died in the crash.

Calendar Lore

Since 1986, KASU volunteer and local folklorist Dr. Bill Clements has written and hosted programs of regional and international interest. The first collaboration, “Tradition,” is a weekly 30-minute program that teaches listeners about the wide diversity of American traditional music. “ Bill’s two-minute “Calendar Lore,” started in 1990, highlights world cultures by focusing on different areas of folklore such as rituals and beliefs, food culture, and history that are tied to a specific date.

Radio Fest

Radio Fest is a showcase of local classical music in Nashville. For a full day in November, WFCL broadcasts a live performance every hour, on the hour. Leading up to each Radio Fest, the 91Classical team asks listeners to call in and tell them about particular pieces that are special to them and why.

Missouri Health Talks

Missouri Health Talks is a conversation-based journalism project that shares Missourians’ stories about access to healthcare. Health Reporter Rebecca Smith travels throughout the state to network with community organizations, record conversations and edit them into four-minute pieces. The interactive Missouri Health Talks website enables visitors to find stories from their own communities. In the project’s first two years, it has produced 79 original conversations, a rural community health resource fair, many live events, in-depth 30-minute specials broadcast on the local talk show, and a spin-off podcast.

Giving Tuesday

Beginning in 2017 Boise State Radio decided to take a different spin on Giving Tuesday. Instead of focusing on the station, they decided to celebrate other local nonprofits. Local Citizens nominated their favorite local nonprofits, and then the station awarded a $1,000 underwriting package to randomly selected winners.