WETA to take control of ‘NewsHour Weekend’ with Geoff Bennett as host

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Geoff Bennett will join PBS NewsHour as chief Washington correspondent and host of PBS NewsHour Weekend next year when production of the weekend program moves to WETA in Washington, D.C.


Bennett, who will join the organization Jan. 3, will anchor PBS NewsHour Weekend beginning in April. Production of the show will move from the WNET Group in New York City to WETA, which already produces the weeknight NewsHour anchored by managing editor Judy Woodruff. NewsHour Weekend, which launched in 2013, is a co-production of the Creative News Group and NewsHour Productions in association with WNET and WETA.

“This decision was made by PBS,” a WNET spokesperson said in a statement to Current. “We hope and expect the program will have continued success under the management of NewsHour Productions at WETA.”

“The move to WETA will dedicate more resources to NewsHour Productions and bring our national nightly news operation under one roof,” said a PBS spokesperson in a statement.

A NewsHour spokesperson said the program will announce format and content changes to NewsHour Weekend in the coming months. The spokesperson said members of the weekend team currently based in New York will be given “special consideration” for new jobs with the weekend show, which will be primarily based in Washington, D.C.

Bennett, who most recently worked as a White House correspondent for NBC News and a fill-in anchor for MSNBC, will remain a contributor to both outlets. He previously worked as a White House reporter and congressional reporter for NPR, covered politics for NY1 News in New York City and guest hosted C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. He has also been an editor for NPR’s Weekend Edition and worked for World News Tonight, produced by ABC News.

Hari Sreenivasan, currently NewsHour Weekend anchor, will remain in New York and continue as a contributor for Amanpour & Company and host of Take on Fake, a YouTube series produced by WNET. He may also contribute occasionally to NewsHour in the coming months depending on his availability.

NewsHour has announced several staff changes in recent months. Amna Nawaz was promoted to chief correspondent, Nicole Ellis became digital anchor, and Richard Coolidge relocated from NewsHour West in Phoenix to Washington, D.C., to become senior managing producer. The program has also hired several reporters and an editor for its Communities Initiative, which focuses on covering areas that have historically lacked national news coverage.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly said that Hari Sreenivasan may contribute to PBS NewsHour Weekend in the coming months. Depending on his availability, he will contribute to the weeknight NewsHour.

25 thoughts on “WETA to take control of ‘NewsHour Weekend’ with Geoff Bennett as host

  1. I think Hari Sreenivasan is the best journalist on PBS, so I’m really sorry that he’s leaving Newshour weekend. Jeff Bennett has big shoes to fill.

    • Like you I am disappointed Hari will no longer be hosting the weekend news. I trust Hari. Jeff Greenfield’s insights were always spot on. I am not convinced the new host has the right tone for this show.

    • I always thought that Hari was an excellent major player for The News Hour. In addition, I wear hearing aids and his strong voice comes through loud and clear.

  2. I too am extremely that Hari Sreenivassan will not be on PBS weekend news. Put him on PBS news during the week.

  3. Maybe because I am an Indian American, I appreciated Hari Sreenivasan greatly. For a short time Hari was the substitute for Judy Woodruff, and a co-anchor with Woodruff. I hoped he would be a replacement for Gwen Ifel. Something happened, he appeared to have been canned. He became less & less visible, especially after Anna Nawas came in the picture.

    • My spouse and I are deeply disappointed with PBS’s decision. We have more and more found the quality of both Hari. And Jeff Greenfield easily outpaced the weekly show. Such a mistake, PBS leadership dropped the ball on this one. Frankly, you should be ashamed. There is a problem with the PBS Newshour that is being missed, your political commentary on the hill and with your. Monday discussion is both redundant and superficial—leadership needs to pull together your team and do a deep dive into a Newshour that is on a slope that continues to slip. Frankly, I believe both the Founders and Gwen would be deeply saddened by the current change and the. Issues described.

  4. I have watched the newshour for many years. I have always respected, appreciated and trusted Hari’s reporting, his demeanor and style. He will missed. I wish him the best in his future endeavors. Thank you Hari!!

  5. Oh Hari, I thought we might grow old together. Thank you for all your good work and service. I’ll look forward to fruits of your future endeavors. I hope you feel deeply appreciated for all you’ve given and excited by the paths you will now find.

  6. What a disappointment to read Hari is no longer the Weekend news anchor . His presentation and the content were always so interesting and informative and also a wonderfully different perspective. I will truly miss him. A great loss for PBS. Sadly Hari did not say “goodbye”.

  7. I am going to miss him as I don’t watch Amanpour. Why bump him off? He adds diversity and broadcasting from his garage in Florida was something to watch. Explain truthfully. Like eliminating Ray Suarez.

    • I agree …why change something which is first class. His news was so informative and different from the mainstream. A tragedy.

  8. Hari provides some of the crispest news leading on tv. I looked forward to his replacing Judy when she leaves.

  9. I, too, will miss Hair and do not feel his replacement will keep me engaged to watch the Weekend edition. I would really prefer him on WeekNight News one Amna.

  10. I am very disappointed that after loosing Yamiche PBS is now loosing Hari, too. Why is the best of PBS are not being retained. This is not good for the profduct.

  11. So sorry that Hari is being further and unceremoniously ostracized from the NewsHour. I guess we viewers don’t have the full picture. He has a lot to contribute. Hopefully he will land somewhere that will give him that opportunity.

  12. I too will greatly miss Hari. I have nothing against Jeff or Amna, but they simply do not have the gravitas, the ability to convey stories with the same clarity or background context. Hari communicates in a direct fashion, backed by a natural television presence. My wife and I have been fans of the Newshour for many years. PBS is making a mistake to let Hari get away.

  13. PBS is definitely making a mistake in turning its back on Hari, who seemed to have been groomed and enabled to co-anchor with Judy. So sad that PBS failed in this, The politics involved are, of course, not known to us mere viewers! Be careful, PBS, your viewers are your livelihood.

  14. Can’t add much to what’s already boosted
    He is an ace.
    Wish that he were anchoring the weekly NewsHour.

    John Watson
    Corvallis, Oregon

  15. I’m sure that Hari will land in a good space. The fact that Judy Woodruff did not even acknowledge his departure is only evidence that she needs to go too. The sooner the better.

  16. What is the real reason Hari is being replaced? This is all very suspicious and sheds a bad light on PBS. I think it may be better to just be honest. PBS doesn’t have to be perfect but we do expect honesty and transparency. J’Fleur Lohman

  17. I was surprised to hear of the change to the Weekend PBS News Hour, Tonight April 1, 2022. Hari Srenivasin is an effective journalist and I’m sure Geoff Bennett will be also be exceptional like Hair, so no worries there. However, the way that it was turned over was done in an extremely poor fashion by Judy Woodruff, herself an exceptional journalist. It was like PBS weekend news never existed. What happened to Hari, I thought. So MR Google helped me out Thank God. Ray Flores disappeared and I found him on NPR, probably the best Journalist of all of them. The Old Guard needs to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Time for New Blood on PBS.

  18. As other have noted, so sorry to see Hari go. Would love to know what’s behind this decision. His decision? PBS’ decision? Regardless, I of course wish Jeff well but hope to see Hari soon, in another role at PBS or another venue.

  19. I will mis Haría Shreenavasin. What is going on at pbs? I give my little bit of money to them. Where do I get a trusted news source when they remove someone I trust. Nothing against the new man but why change someone who was excellent? I am losing faith in PBS. Whose decision was this change? It should not have happened.