Noel King leaves NPR for Vox Media

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Stephen Voss


Morning Edition and Up First co-host Noel King will leave NPR to be co-host and editorial director of Today, Explained, Vox’s daily news podcast, the media companies announced Tuesday. 

Her final broadcast with NPR will be Dec. 10. 

“As a restless person I never thought I’d spend six years anywhere,” King said in a note to NPR staff. “My longevity here is attributable to all of the creative, funny, talented people who make this organization, and very specifically to Kenya Young and Alex Goldmark. Thank you to them, and all.”

Despite King’s new role, listeners will continue to hear her on public radio airwaves. Vox and WNYC also announced a deal Tuesday to bring Today, Explained to public radio, with WNYC Studios distributing the show to radio stations in 2022. 

WNYC Studios will also work with Vox Media “to identify additional shows in its portfolio to bring to a national radio audience,” according to a Vox press release. The Vox Media Podcast Network recently acquired Criminal, which had been part of PRX’s Radiotopia. Earlier this year, American Public Media distributed an hourlong special of Vox’s Unexplainable.

At Vox, King will co-host Today, Explained with Sean Rameswaram, who previously worked for WNYC before leaving to launch the podcast with Vox. 

King got her start at NPR in 2016 as a correspondent for Planet Money and moved into full-time hosting in 2019

“During her time in the chair, she has delighted and challenged audiences with a diverse array of stories — from her remarkable coverage of the refugee crisis from the border, to her incisive interviews with Janet Yellen, her thoughtful stories taking in a range of voices on racial justice – and who could forget her wonderful interview with Amythyst Kiah,” said VP for News Programming Sarah Gilbert and NPR EVP for News and Editorial Director Nancy Barnes in a note to staff. 

King is the latest NPR host to leave the network. Most recently, Lulu Garcia-Navarro left as host of Weekend Edition and Up First to host a New York Times podcast.

2 thoughts on “Noel King leaves NPR for Vox Media

  1. It is most unfortunate that NPR and PBS is unable to keep, with the exception of Asians, as hosts and reporters. Noel King gone from Morning Edition and Yamiche Alcindor from PBSNewshour. I am saddened by this lack of representation. I’d like an answer.

  2. I think it’s great that people have opportunities to grow and expand their careers. The job market is the best it’s been in 50 years and in my opinion, it’s a good thing! NPR has been at the forefront of organizations that focus on having a diverse workplace and I’m confident that they will continue as such.
    NPR! Keep the great reporting!

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