Molly Wood to leave American Public Media

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Molly Wood, host of American Public Media’s Marketplace Tech and co-host of the podcast Make Me Smart, announced she will leave the network at the end of the month. 


Wood is leaving journalism to become an investor and podcaster with Launch, a company that supports entrepreneurs and invests in startups, she said on Twitter and in a Wednesday episode of Make Me Smart. She will be working with an “emphasis on all the climate tech that I have gotten so obsessed with over the past three years,” she said on the podcast.

In addition to her full-time hosting and reporting duties, Wood has served as a regular fill-in host for Marketplace during her tenure at APM. In October, Wood started How We Survive, a podcast about climate tech and innovation. On Twitter, she addressed the future of that show. 

“It’s the best journalism I’ve ever done, and I’m not sure I could top it. And I believe it has laid the groundwork for much more great climate coverage at @Marketplace, even if it’s not season 2,” she wrote.

With the move away from journalism, she’s hoping to “have a more direct impact,” she said on the podcast. 

Wood joined Marketplace in 2015 from the New York Times. She previously worked for CNET, where she hosted and co-created the podcast Buzz Out Loud and created the show Always On with Molly Wood.

She added that she wouldn’t have left Marketplace “for anything less than a bucket list option. It’s been a bucket list to be here.”

11 thoughts on “Molly Wood to leave American Public Media

  1. Happy to see her leave. She would often let her politics show when reporting and even though I’m a super liberal, I’d rather unbiased reporting than hearing stories that encourage my beliefs.

  2. So sorry to see her go. She’s brilliant and very entertaining.. Agree a bit with previous comment re bias- but being a woman myself….yesssss!! Her insight, attention to detail, in depth research, quick quips is amazing.

  3. Even though she does a lot of tech reporting I don’t really find her tech knowledge impressive to be honest. She has got some things wrong. I wrote marketplace pointing out the mistakes but they never responded. Anyways agree with the bias comment. News outlets should be unbiased.

  4. The negative comments sadden me. Molly Wood is one of the best radio journalists you are likely to find. More importantly, she plays well with others. Kai obviously, but other journalists as well. Her ability to explain complex issues and topics and enlighten listeners is fantastic. Her ability to engage listeners is equally impressive. Many, many listeners will miss her. I know I will.

  5. For those of us who’ve been Molly Wood fans for many years, you can still hear her weekly with Buzz Out Loud co-host and long-time collaborator Tom Merritt on their podcast “It’s a thing.” One of my favorites.

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