Melissa Harris-Perry named host of ‘The Takeaway’

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Melissa Harris-Perry was named permanent host and managing editor of The Takeaway, WNYC Studios and PRX announced Monday. 


Harris-Perry has been serving as interim host of the public radio news program since July after Tanzina Vega resigned. The appointment is effective immediately. 

“Melissa’s north star has always been the impact of world events on the lives of people, often those whose stories have been left out of the media,” said New York Public Radio CEO Goli Sheikholeslami in a press release. “She is the perfect host for The Takeaway, a show dedicated to voices and perspectives often overlooked in broadcast media, and we’re excited to work together to expand our service to a broader audience.”

She previously hosted the show Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC from 2012–16. 

“Hosting The Takeaway is an astonishing and humbling opportunity,” Harris-Perry said in the release. “The Takeaway enjoys a truly authentic relationship with our listeners, and that community makes this hosting experience especially rich and rewarding. I’m excited to create captivating radio with the dedicated, creative, and professional team of The Takeaway each day. And I must admit, I am nerding out about the chance to call Brian Lehrer my co-worker.”

In addition to her media career, Harris-Perry is founder and president of the Anna Julia Cooper Center, which aims to advance “justice through scholarship and activism.” 

She is also the Maya Angelou Presidential Chair at Wake Forest University in the Department of Politics and International Affairs, the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and the Program in Environment and Sustainability. 

The Takeaway airs on more than 300 stations. 

6 thoughts on “Melissa Harris-Perry named host of ‘The Takeaway’

  1. I listened to the take away this morning 11/17/2021. I couldn’t help being annoyed by the numerous usages of “um” by the host. This host, Melissa Harris-Perry, would do herself a favor by listening to herself and then perhaps working on her delivery.
    I was very much interested in the topic, but was distracted and starting counting “um’s”.
    Doris Newton

  2. Hello: I appreciate the program, but wish for one that would focus on the pathology of people who are anti-black. They are not necessarily all
    White identified. There is too often racism against black people within the immigrant communities. Too often non-black immigrants are not accepting of people who are identified as black.
    Why is it that black people are the least employed, but those who are non-black have higher rates of employment and ownership of small businesses – even when those businesses are in black communities. Why is it black people
    are poorest members of most societies? As a black American I ask these hard questions – I live these questions as do other blacks.

  3. Melissa Harris-Perry named host of ‘The Takeaway’”-
    YOU GO GIRL! The connections you are making are amazing!
    I just listened to the Diaper Issues…and would love to expand this issue to adult diapers, pads and girls tampons. All of these are related to dignity and another ways of stigmatizing anyone with physical needs that may not be met because of income.
    This issue comes into play for adults as well who wish to participate in daily life but may have issues in going out in public! To go grocery shopping, to go to church or participate in neighborhood activities!
    All of these products are related-
    My question to you is “how do other countries deal with these same issues and
    What are the solutions that have been applied to the problem?”
    MS Edson-Portland, OR

  4. Melissa Harris-Perry is by far the most articulate and interesting moderator on a program from
    public radio in my area (Denver).

    Her voice is perfect for radio: excellent knowledge of the English language – and usage, a warm
    and welcoming, but very self-confident, strong presentation, courage to ask the tough questions,
    willingness to invite guests to speak who may well not be heard in other media outlets – a highly-
    educated, energized, curious and kind, but never fawning, interview; nor does she humiliate people
    in some sort of power? ego? need. I think SHE should be the standard by which other moderators
    are interviewed and employed. REFRESHING! I look forward to hearing her every day she is on
    the radio. I’m a 79- year 0ld (Anglo) grandmother living happily in our beautiful state of Colorado.

  5. Your Comments on the Biden Speech- On Ignoring campaign promises to Black Minorities: Biden said “pass the Freedom to Vote Act…and the John Lewis Bill”, you totally ignored that…What’s Up? This is not the first time…