Lulu Garcia-Navarro will leave NPR

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Lulu Garcia-Navarro, host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday and a co-host of its morning news podcast Up First, announced Thursday on Twitter that she will leave the network.  


An NPR spokesperson confirmed that Garcia-Navarro’s last day hosting Weekend Edition will be Oct. 17. NPR will conduct a national search for her replacement. 

Garcia-Navarro wrote in her Twitter announcement that “it is time to say goodbye. Like much of the US, I need a break!”

[Update: The New York Times announced Sept. 30 that Garcia-Navarro will host an Opinion Audio podcast.]

She got her start at NPR in 2004 as an international correspondent. During her more than 12 years in the role, she was based in Brazil, Israel, Mexico and Iraq. Her reporting on the Arab Spring won her a 2011 Peabody Award and numerous other awards. 

She began hosting in 2017 and said in her announcement, “Perhaps no greater honor has been becoming the first Latina to host an NPR Flagship show.”

Another NPR host tweeted about the departure of Garcia-Navarro and other colleagues:

75 thoughts on “Lulu Garcia-Navarro will leave NPR

    • She was delightful. Her voice was a gentle smile yet clear and incisive. Saw her face for first time today. Lovely smile. I didn’t like her at first because of that smile in her voice. Now I will miss it…

      • Lulu Garcia Navarro has a smile in her voice that was such a lovely thing to hear on Weekend Edition Sundays. I will miss that when she leaves, though I see she has been snapped up by the New York Times. Smart them!

  1. When I hear Lulu’s voice I feel respect, trust and anticipation for her and her work. I know I can relax, believe and enjoy. So sorry to lose her gentle gravitas.

  2. I just heard that Lulu is leaving NPR. Great loss to the company. What I have not heard is where she is going or what she will be doing. Anyone know? I will definitely miss her. Lot of respect for her reporting.

  3. I do not want to believe or accept Lulu is leaving! Lulu is a Talented Soul with a Beautiful spirit.
    I am a Black Woman and I so appreciate and support Beautiful Women of Color who are experienced and brilliant that promote people of color issues.
    Thanks Lulu for all you do; you will continue to soar and be a role model!

    • I am a white woman , and I agree with you. I loved Lulu because of the joy in her voice and because she covered stories that promoted people of color issues. NPR is losing so many people. I don’t understand it. Blessings to you and to Lulu.

      • Hi, I think that Journalists have so many options now, like starting Podcasts even, that they may feel like they do not have to stay in one place.
        But, I, too, felt—on another level—that she only was on air for only two hours a week, why was that too much? Of course, I cannot estimate how much time it took to prepare for those two hours. And most importantly, I just am a bit mad at her for leaving! But at the same time, I respect her feelings, and will adjust accordingly.
        Thank you for your reply.

  4. Distressed to learn of Lulu is leaving NPR! I always look forward to hearing her on Sunday mornings. She shared her heritage with all of us in important ways. She is one one the most well rounded hosts: Smart, personable, always clear and incisive in interviewing guests on the show. Sorry Iif I am rambling on, but I’m very sad about loosing Lulu!

  5. OMG No no way, how will I spend my Sunday mornings without this inciteful and brilliant interviewer and host – Oh Lulu let us know where you go so that we may follow your brilliance!!

    • “Inciteful”? I think you mean “insightful”. The former implies that one deliberately looks for ways to argue with and be mean toward others. She is anything but that, of course. I agree that she will be sorely missed. I learned just this morning, perhaps with many others, that this is her last day on the show. A sad day for NPR and all of her listeners.

  6. Just heard about Lulu’s surprise departure. For years I have started my Sunday enjoying her unique way of reporting the news. Her voice is so full of positivity at the opening of Morning Edition. I also loved to hear the dialogue she had with The Puzzle contestants and Will Shorts. She
    is an amazing person/journalist that will be difficult to replace. Good luck Lulu!!

  7. Lulu: Best Wishes for all future endeavors !!!
    Buy a sportscar, pack up the family, hit the road: we recommend route66………
    Sunday morning won’t be the same…….
    Richard & Karen
    Arlington, TX

  8. Lulu has been the cornerstone of my Sunday morning since I bought my house almost 5 years ago. I will miss her warm, comforting and kind spirit as the start of my week. Thank you, Lulu, for so many great stories, and so much hard work especially through the challenges of the past few years. All the best to you!

    • Noooo…you have been my favorite Sunday morning host!! I am saddened by this news. That being said, you deserve professional and personal peace. I wish you many blessings and happiness wherever your next adventure takes you. Be well Lulu.

  9. Lulu. Over the course of the last year and a half I found so much comfort in your voice on Sunday mornings. Your reporting style and journalistic insights were spot on. But most of all I will miss your infectious laughter. It reminded me so much of my Latin heritage. Gosh times are a changing. Get some rest. Well deserved

  10. So sad to learn that Lulu is leaving in NPR. As so many others have said she was a staple of our Sunday morning listening and as such she will be greatly missed . Her intelligent and informative reporting and role as an excellent host always made her interviews interesting and insightful. Plus, as a Latina I was very proud of her way of referencing her cultural roots in a way that was very appropriate and relevant in stories she covered or interviews she conducted. I look forward to learning what her next adventure will be.

  11. I for one am not sad to see her leave. So tired of hearing her ask, “how does that make you feel?” It’s news for Pete’s sake. Now perhaps we can return to NPR just reporting the events without the slobbery, emotional, editorial commentary.

    Wish her all the best.

    • I am sorry to see her go, she does exceptional work. That awful “how does that make you feel” question should go, I agree. But ALL mainstream journalists use it, not just Lulu. It is lame and lazy journalism, and so ubiquitous I wonder if it’s taught in journalism school.

  12. Lulu, you will be missed! I enjoyed your reporting, interviews, and beautiful voice. Best wishes to you in whatever your future holds.

  13. I’ve been a daily NPR listener for more than 40 years. So many incredible reporters and hosts but for me one better than Lulu. Sundays just won’t be the same !

  14. Dear Ms. Garcia-Navarro,

    Your journalistic talents with persistent questioning, without being obnoxious, your warmth , humor and humanity have made my Sundays start with clarity and class. Sorry for being selfish, but this hurts so much. A friend I do not know will not be around to enlighten my week. Best to you and hope you continue your craft.


  15. 9.26.202
    indeed a day of change with a touch of sadness that such a learned, insightful and well prepared correspondent is leaving the NPR Team. The Sad and the Good are that exceptonail talent is not replaced but the good is that bright, engaged talent, like Lulu IS out there and one will hopefully land at NPR to craft their own place and style to inform the hearty NPR supporters to come.
    Lulu Garcia Navarro…Best wishes to you and family in good health, happiness and careers.
    Best wishes,

  16. Lulu Garcia-Navarro has been my favorite NPR reporter/host and she will really be missed. Thank you, Lulu for bringing warmth and cultural understanding to all that you do. I feel like you are a friend but you are a consummate professional at the same time. That is such a balancing act that you do so well. I wish you all the best !!

  17. Lulu:
    We will miss your voice! You’ve had a great run. It is with certain you will do well in your next gig.

    Good luck and know the welcome sign will always be on for you.

  18. I will miss you Lulu. In a world with many sing-song voices, your resonant, cheerful, intelligent voice was always music to my ears. Thank you for many years of great reporting.

  19. I’ve always loved her. No pretense, no condescension, always gracious, approachable, seemingly “the girl next door” …which, in combination with her intelligence and knowledges, allow her to ask tough, incisive questions without appearing to be combative or threatening. She’s gifted, this one.

  20. i was sorry to hear this morning as i was having my coffee and listing to weekend edition that you are leaving. very sorry to hear that but i wish you all the best.

  21. I am so disappointed that you are leaving. Your voice is so soothing and your reporting and interviewing the very best. Good luck. Your replacement will have some really big shoes to fill.

  22. Like so many NPR reporters and hosts, I’ve considered Lulu a good friend over the years – even though we’ve never met. Her voice and presence in my life will be missed, realizing that Lulu has made my world a better place. With gratitude, I hope the best for LuLu and her family.

  23. What I want most for Lulu is to have lots more time to spend with her Little One. What a fabulous mom she must be! And what an extraordinary woman for our times!

  24. Just heard today on air Lulu saying that she will be leaving Weekend Edition Sunday in a few weeels time. This is really sad news. Her infectious enthusiasm, good humor, and warmth have always been a real pick up at the end of the week, and most, if not all, listeners will have benefited from this.

  25. So sorry to hear that you are leaving NPR! Your voice, laughter and perspectives are so refreshing. Always have to smile when you come on air. And I will never forget your interview with survivor of Florida condo, that just wanted her cat back. You showed that compassion can be professional and genuine at the same time. Wish you many bright days ahead! Philippians 1:6

  26. I am delighted that she will be leaving. I was about to permanently tune her out. Although a life-long left- leaning democrat, I tired of her constant focus on Latinx subjects/music, feminism and racial/intersectional subjects. Even though I endorse most of her views there are other news worthy subjects that could appeal to a national audience. I can almost hear more centrist and right wing listeners say reporters like Lulu explain why federal funding for npr has greatly diminished over the years. Good luck to her and relief for (at least) some npr supporters.

    • Agreed. I have considered skipping the Sunday AM broadcast due to the polarized presentation exactly as you have detailed. Sadly my NPR centric OCD has prevented that. I too am centrist and long for presentations that represent a broader view, even if I may disagree. NPR has done and should do better.

  27. Lulu Garcia Navarro has brought so much dignity, joyfulness, and hard-nosed journalism into our lives and was a welcome and uplifting voice and spirit in my home for all these years. I will never forget her riveting reporting on the Arab spring. I am sad that she is leaving but am happy she will be getting a much deserved rest. Vaya con Dios Lulú!

  28. I see I’m in the minority here, but I will not miss her. The puzzle was an agony for me. It would end, and she’d always ask the contestants, with great excitement, “How do you feel?” And they always gave the exact same answer: “Relieved.” Over and over. Always the same answer. She never got the message.
    And listening to her gleefully describing every time Biden hit a rough patch as President was also painful. Is she assuming she could do any better? Or Trump could do better? I don’t see that happening. Biden is up against some huge challenges, and there are going to be times when things go badly. The Cubans in Miami tend to skew to the right, though, so it makes sense, but I didn’t care for it at all.

  29. Will really miss you, a devoted listener, and thoroughly enjoyed you and Will Shortz every Sunday. I loved your presentation and your interesting questions…I wish you the best in your future. Marilyn

  30. I will SO miss hearing Lulu’s wonderful voice on Sunday mornings. We have always enjoyed listening to her. She personifies the best in broadcast journalism. So long, happy trails…

  31. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
    Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
    Brown paper packages tied up with strings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    But Lulu’s Weekend Edition tops them all.
    Good luck, Lulu.

  32. I was crestfallen when Lulu announced a few Sundays ago that next Sunday would be her last at NPR. Other people have written abouther voice sounding like a smile. So true. And so genuinely kind. I will miss her. She was like my Sunday morning friend. Best wishes to you, Lulu.

  33. Nooooooooooo! Don’t goooooooooo! Please don’t go!
    Lulu ha sido un placer! Suerte con todo! Seguro que cualquier cosa que haces, sera un exito total!!!
    Thank you for your wonderful and insightful perspective on everything. Your departure will be a great loss for all of us!

    • I for one am not sad to see her move on. Despite her considerable intellect and talent, she is unable to feign neutrality in the presentation of current events. I am a centrist Democrat for the most part. She finds it nearly impossible to explore perspectives other than her own. Her tenure on Sunday Morning Edition has been a predictable litany of her own personal agenda which I need not detail if you have been a regular listener. It gets tiresome week after week. As a listener since the “post card days” I no longer want listen to the repeat of the 2 hour broadcast. I might contrast Ms Garcia-Navarro to Scott Simon who is able to demonstrate compassion without injecting personal bias. I wish her well but I welcome the possibility that NPR will return to a more broad discussion of the country and the world. When interpreting any media presentation the most important first consideration is what is the agenda of the presenter/organization. Think Fox News or MSNBC. NPR, you can can do better.

  34. Lulu Garcia-Navarro Is a pleasure to hear, for all the reasons above, plus her articulate speaking. Please don’t replace her with someone who says “like” every other word, and replaces ‘to think’ or ‘to say’ with “I was ‘like’ ….

    • Ditto what everyone else has said. If I try to write it down I will end up crying.
      MsTurq, thanks for this link. i wanted to know what she was doing next.

      Why don’t they let her say that on the air? Afraid of losing part of their audience? She’s not going to be competing with them either as to time or subject matter.

      Good luck Lulu, you will be missed. You have been so important for me as a Latina. I wish I could say I will follow you faithfully on you4 n32 podcast, but there are already so many podcasts I would love to listen to, but don’t have the time.

  35. She has certainly earned her spurs. Still, I’m disappointed she decided to leave NPR . For years I’ve looked forward to her distinctive voice on Sundays. Over the past year however, it seems to me that she has been a bit anxious to escape the script of Morning Edition for something, shall I say — else. She as a long career ahead and I hope she finds what she is looking for. I expect the Times will give her the budget to permit her to move around and pick her stories. Deep pockets will help her find peace as well as earn her keep.

  36. Sundays won’t be the same without Lulu’s reporting and commentary – so sad that she is leaving.

    Susanne Renner, Saint Louis, 17 Oct 2021 (just heard her last sign off)

  37. I will miss Lulu’s voice it is unique and friendly. She demonstrated her love for her colleagues and people she interviewed, as I listened intently. I’m anxious to see where she follows her new adventure.

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