One thought on “Steven Meuché, former leader of Michigan’s WKAR, dies at 74

  1. Sorry to read about Steve Meuche’s passing. He was program director of WKAR AM-FM in the early ’70s when I worked there as a Michigan State student. Very early one Sunday morning, I realized halfway through my newscast that I had left the other half of my wire-service copy in the newsroom one floor down from the studio. I thought there’d be enough time during a 45-second “cart” to run down, grab it, and run back up. I forgot about the losing-my-breath recovery time and gasped hard for a while before finishing the ‘cast. Hoping no one had been listening that early on a Sunday, I saw the studio phone light up right as we went back to network. Yes, it was Steve asking what the Hell was going on. Though mortified to this day, I learned not only about breath control but also about the dedication of a great radio leader to always be on duty, checking in on the product.

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