Public TV stations can air latest ‘Doc Martin’ season in January

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American Public Television and Acorn TV have reached an agreement that will release Season 8 of Doc Martin for airing on public TV in January 2019 — a full year after programmers had expected to schedule the quirky British comedy.

Acorn TV, a subscription service specializing in British content, holds North American rights to the show. Public TV stations have aired the popular show since 2008 through distributor APT, premiering each new season in January or February.

But in January, Acorn announced it would withhold wider distribution to keep the program exclusive to its over-the-top platform. At least one major-market station abandoned Doc Martin rather than wait out Acorn’s release.

As part of the agreement, episodes will carry two 15-second Acorn TV branding spots “which must be aired as part of program content,” said APT VP Eric Luskin in an email to programmers obtained by Current.

Luskin told Current that the branding spots “were a condition of the offer. Either that, or no offer.”

More information, including specific release dates and episode descriptions, will be available for programmers this fall.

“We’re delighted to be able to announce this so you and your Doc Martin fans can plan for the future,” Luskin said in a press release.

Season 9 will end the series, according to producers.

5 thoughts on “Public TV stations can air latest ‘Doc Martin’ season in January

  1. Is the show coming back for a 9th season “Doc Martin” PLEASE!!! I love this show,
    it is the only reason, well maybe a few more. That I watch ACORN & BRITBOX.
    It is a wonderful family all ages show. Please bring it back one more season. Writers
    come up with a plausible storyline, and we are there. THANK YOU!

    note* I own a Radio Network, and Purse Boutique, and I inform my customers, clients
    audience about Acorn and Britbox television.

  2. Too late. I already watched series (season) 8 for free online. Somebody uploaded it. I’m not paying to watch something that has been free all these years.

    Series 9 shoots next year. It’s the very final season.

  3. I am so happy to learn that we will get one more season to enjoy the goings on in Portwenn! Doc Martin is truly a delightful change from all the garbage we are subjected to from the major television networks.

    • Me also Suzanna, this plus Father Brown are 2 of my favorites. I love British TV.
      USA, to much violence, and sex. I got tired of it, so I quit watching Cable, and
      the News. I have the Fire Stick, better than cable, and 80% off what you are
      paying for cable.

      Enjoy your Sunday, Lennis

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