Keillor looks to restart ‘Writer’s Almanac’

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Garrison Keillor announced intentions to bring back The Writer’s Almanac in a Facebook post Monday, according to MPR News.

The weekday public radio segment and podcast hosted by Keillor included a daily poem along with “this day in history” notes. Minnesota Public Radio ended production and distribution of the show when it fired Keillor last year.

“I’m ready to start up The Writers [sic] Almanac again,” Keillor wrote in a Facebook post quoted by MPR, which is either private or has since been removed. “I get the idea that public radio stations will never carry it again and so we’ll need to find a way to do it through social media. There are smart people who can manage this and make it easy. I also want to take A Prairie Home Companion out on tour again.”

A Garrison Keillor Facebook page that says it is curated by Keillor “and staff” also posted Monday that the host intends to bring back The Writer’s Almanac.

Keillor’s attorney also told MPR News that Keillor is looking into distribution options for the show.

MPR fired Keillor in November for “inappropriate behavior” and ended its business relationship with the host, which included ending broadcast and distribution of Writer’s Almanac. Keillor denied wrongdoing.

Keillor and MPR were in mediation over their business relationship in January, but talks stalled, according to MPR News.

In December, an MPR spokesperson told Current that the network was “actively looking into” what a replacement for Writer’s Almanac “could look and sound like.”

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